"Byron lost all his leverage when he gave up the ball" - Tom Brady gifts fan bitcoin for returning 600th TD ball

Chicago Bears vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Chicago Bears vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady is thankful to NFL superfan Byron Kennedy. For those that may not know, Kennedy was the fan that was initially given Brady’s 600th touchdown football as receiver Mike Evans handed the ball to him after scoring the historic touchdown.

After realizing his blunder, a Tampa Bay Buccaneers staff member went to retrieve the ball from Kennedy. Being a loyal fan, Kennedy gave the ball back and so far, in return, has received somewhat of a king’s ransom for his generosity.

Despite all of the things Kennedy was given from the Buccaneers in return for the football, Brady felt it important that he chip in even a bit more.

Tom Brady gifts fan bitcoin for return of 600th touchdown ball

Last night, Brady was a guest on the Manningcast version of Monday Night Football, where he spoke about chipping in to gift Kennedy a Bitcoin.

“Byron lost all his leverage when he gave up the ball. He should’ve held it. But I’m also giving him a Bitcoin, so at the end of the day, I think he’s making out pretty well.”

The Buccaneers had already gifted Kennedy two signed jerseys, a signed helmet from Brady, a signed Mike Evans jersey and his game cleats, season tickets for the 2021 and 2022 seasons, and a $1,000 credit to the Buccaneers store.

This is all in addition to the Bitcoin (valued at right under $63,000) that Tom Brady will now gift to Byron Kennedy.

Tom Brady was the star of the Manningcast in Week 7

By now, viewers and fans alike are aware of the Manningcast, a version of Monday Night Football that features Peyton and Eli Manning as hosts. The Manningcast from last night’s Week 7 matchup of Saints vs. Seahawks saw Tom Brady as one of the guests and he did not disappoint.

AFC Championship - New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos
AFC Championship - New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos

Brady spoke about his feelings on NFL defensive players:

“Have you been to some of those defensive meeting rooms? I mean you wonder why they play defense, and after about two minutes you go ‘Yep, they could never be an offensive player, so...”

Brady then went on to say the following:

“Defense is kind of like a dog chasing a car. Just get the guy with the ball.”

Those words resonated with the quick-witted Peyton Manning, who replied with the following:

I’m sure Antoine Winfield really appreciates those comments, for sure. Let me know how that conversation goes at breakfast in the morning.”

Stay tuned for next week’s Manningcast Monday Night Football, where the New York Giants will take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

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