Tom Brady gives honest assessment of his preparation for FOX broadcasting job - "Still so much more room for improvement"

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Tom Brady gives honest assessment of his preparation for FOX broadcasting job

Tom Brady has opened up about his upcoming assignment as a FOX commentator, and it's clear he's bringing the same attitude to the job as he did on the field. Speaking to Colin Cowherd, he said that he believes he can improve a lot.

He said that just as he approached every game on the field with the feeling that he could do things better, he's going to bring the same mentality to his broadcasting gig. He even said that the challenge is all in his mind, commenting:

"There's still so much more room for improvement. And I just, it's almost like when I was a player, I never felt like I did things the right way... I'm sure I'm gonna feel that way here at Fox where I finish a game, and I go 'God did I even give them what they wanted?' And it's a very challenging thing in your own mind."

Tom Brady's preparation for FOX job in full swing

Tom Brady also revealed that he's already preparing for the job from the FOX broadcasting booth, and that involves reaching out to people who have done similar work. Instead of trying to copy what they did, he's asking how they graded themselves to know if they have done a good job or not.

Tom Brady promised that he's going to be fully prepared and ready to go and thinks that the work before going on air is the most important thing. He promised to work hard and not let anyone down, least of all his new employers. He continued:

"I've asked a few people how do you know that you did a good job. And I think for me, so much of this is going to come down to the preparation... From my standpoint, I'm gonna work as hard as I can ... to make sure that I do deliver because I don't want to let anyone down. I don't want to let the people at FOX down."

For a generation, Tom Brady was always visible on our screens. Last year was an exception as he took a well-deserved rest. But he will be back this fall, only on the other side of the field.

And given his commitment and how seriously he is approaching the whole thing, we should be in for a treat. If he commentates and analyzes half as well as he played, he would cement his legacy in the broadcasting booth as well.

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Edited by Rit Nanda
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