Why did Tom Brady leave the New England Patriots? Former offensive coordinator reveals series of issues

Tom Brady as a member of the New England Patriots in January 2020
Tom Brady as a member of the New England Patriots in January 2020

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in New England Patriots franchise history. He's also synonymous with having played for the greatest head coach in Patriots history, Bill Belichick. In 20 seasons, Brady led the Patriots to eight Super Bowls and won six of them. But the divorce between Brady and the Patriots was messy and sudden.

As the Patriots face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a Week 4 Sunday Night Football game, there's much to look forward to as Brady and Belichick go head to head.

It will be Brady's first game back since leaving New England. Earlier this week, former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis offered his insight to reporter Tom Curran on the sudden split between Brady and the Patriots. Weis coached Brady from 2000 to 2004.

Charlie Weis reveals series of issues between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

Weis spoke about a range of issues from his time with the Patriots, and delved deep into what led to the supposed rift between Brady and Belichick.

"I'm just saying that Tommy looked around and he found himself a place -- we can talk about how the different personalities of the head coaches and how they do things all we want -- but really at the end of the day is, it's the guys he's playing with. Because the coaching staff, no matter where he went, they would have kind of figured it out eventually."
"Eventually they would have come to a meeting of the minds, that would happen no matter where he went. Okay, but very few teams that he was going to go to, had a stable of guys like that to be dealing with."

Weis made the case that Brady leaving had more to do with the players around him than the coaching staff. The 2020 Patriots had the youngest and most unproven wide receivers in the entire NFL. Tom Brady left the likes of N'Keal Harry and Jakobi Meyers for Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

Weiss has a good relationship with Brady and Belichick, so he does have insight into the situation. But the relationship between Brady and Belichick remains a focal point.

Brady's trainer revealed last Thursday that Belichick never changed how he treated Brady.

In the interview, Weis doubled down on his stance that the lack of quality personnel in New England was why Brady left the franchise. Curran proceeded to ask Weis why they didn't surround Brady with better weapons, to which Weis responded by saying that's not his conversation to be had.

"I think Tom just went to a better situation offensively," Weis said. "I mean, he’s playing with better players. No disrespect. That's no disrespect to the guys in New England. But look at the talent that he's got around him. If I asked you right now, who's the number one receiver, could you give me one?"

The relationship between Tom Brady and Belichick will always be fascinating to look back on. Brady was outspoken about wishing to retire as a member of the Patriots. But things have changed, and Brady is now a seven-time champion.

The Week 4 game between the Buccaneers and Patriots will be an entertaining drama. Brady's return to Foxborough in front of the Patriots fanbase will be boisterous and electric. Whether he's cheered or booed remains to be seen.

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