"The real GOAT" - Tom Brady picks NBA legend Michael Jordan as 'greatest-ever' in sports history

Capital One's The Match VI - Brady & Rodgers v Allen & Mahomes
Capital One's The Match VI - Brady & Rodgers v Allen & Mahomes

The debate of who is the greatest athlete of all time between Tom Brady and Michael Jordan seems to have been answered by Tom Brady himself. The quarterback posted a picture on his Instagram Story, referring to Jordan as "The Real Goat". The mutual admiration between the two is unmissable. It was evident on the golf course and was on full display before the F1 Grand Prix in Miami.

Tom Brady and Michael Jordan: how they compare

Although they express a lot of admiration for one another, it is still fun to compare them to see who comes out on top. It was not always quite that way when Michael Jordan asked Tom Brady to come back when he had won six championships as he had done. The roles have flipped in recent years, considering that the quarterback has now won seven Super Bowl rings.

Their influence in popular culture continues to shine through. Jordan was the first sportsperson ever to become a billionaire. Brady, meanwhile, signed the largest NFL analyst contract in history before he has even retired. He will be on more money when he enters broadcasting than he is currently on at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


In many ways, surpassing Michael Jordan's record is a microcosm of what drives the quarterback on. He has nothing left to prove on the NFL field. His ring haul is not just more than any player in the NFL, it is more than any other franchise. He owns the record for most passing yards and most touchdowns in the league. The reason he keeps going is to perhaps end up with statistics like those of Michael Jordan, who holds the record for most points per game in NBA history.

Unlike Jordan, Brady has not won the league MVP award and the league championship in the same season. Maybe that is an itch he feels he has to scratch as he returned to the NFL after a brief retirement.

Ultimately, it seems that the two are playing in a league of their own. A competition that has transcended their respective sports and they are trying to redefine the very limits of what an athlete is capable of.


There are still some sporting chapters to be written for the legendary quarterback on the football field. Finally, when he is done, it will be a better time to judge his greatness against anyone else. But looking at his current achievements, he can at least thank Michael Jordan for setting the benchmark so high.

The Buccaneers go into the 2022 season looking to win it all. With the greatest quarterback of all time back under centre, aiming for anything less would be a shocking development. Though the competition is fierce and anything can happen, Tampa Bay fancy themselves in a matchup with anyone and have as good a chance of winning the Super Bowl as any franchise.

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