Tom Brady 'reached out' to Peyton Manning for advice on $375,000,000 Fox contract

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Tom Brady 'reached out' to Peyton Manning for advice on $375,000,000 Fox contract

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning had a famous rivalry over the years in the NFL. It is unlikely that the two of them would have ever exchanged notes on how to play the position, as each sought to best the other.

But now that both of them are retired, the flames of competition have cooled and it has given rise to professional camaraderie. As Peyton Manning retired earlier, he has had more time to look at life outside football and figure things out for himself. One of his ventures is 'ManningCast' on ESPN.

He comes on our television, with his brother Eli Manning, to talk about the live game. They also invite some A-list guests to make the whole show more entertaining. Therefore, broadcasting is one area where the elder of the Manning brothers might have a march over Tom Brady.

But in true GOAT fashion, the seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback is approaching his new job with the same meticulousness that he showed on the field. He signed a 10-year $375 million deal with FOX after retiring from the NFL in 2023 and will begin his stint this year.

To do his job well, Tom Brady has reached out to Peyton Manning to understand what is required to be successful on this medium. As confirmed by the former Broncos player to The Athletic, the former Buccaneers and Patriots quarterback wanted pointers on how he can excel at his new job too. In reply, the Hall-of-Famer said,

'He's reached out to me for advice... 'I said, 'Tom, I watch football from my neighbor's garage on Monday nights. I'm not sure I'm worthy of being called for advice for what you're about to do.'

Peyton Manning also trying to get Tom Brady's old head coach associated with Omaha Productions

While Tom Brady is joining a different network than Peyton Manning, if the two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback has his way, Bill Belichick will be teaming up with him this time instead of his old charge with whom he created a dynasty. Acting as the general manager of Omaha Productions, he said,

“If it comes to fruition, I think fans will be excited to see how incredibly brilliant Bill Belichick is when talking about football and how witty and funny he is.”

While it is always sad to see legendary coaches and players retire, having their input on our screens can also serve as a reminder of their football intelligence and what made them great.

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