Tom Brady's FOX colleague highlights what 7x Super Bowl champion brings to the table with $375,000,000 broadcasting deal

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Tom Brady's unique FOX situation

Tom Brady is scheduled to begin his broadcasting career in Week 1 of the 2024 NFL season. He spent last year away from football after retiring in the previous offseason, but will make his return this year. He will do so by joining the top coverage team for Fox, making his debut as a booth analyst for live games.

Despite having no prior experience, the network has already made him the highest-paid broadcaster in sports history. His $375 million contract over the next ten years doubles the previous record set by Tony Romo, who signed a ten-year deal worth $180 million.

There has surely been some debate about whether Tom Brady deserves this type of broadcasting deal even before making his debut.

While some have been concerned about what exactly he can bring to the table, Erin Andrews is apparently not one of them. She discussed the situation during an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Andrews explained:

"I've sat with him at lunch before and he's been telling stories about his career, and it's stuff we just die for. Love the inside information, and you are just hearing stuff that you've just always wanted to know."

Tom Brady was known for being extremely reserved with the media during his career, especially with the New England Patriots before joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If Erin Andrews, who will serve as his sideline reporter for Fox, is right, this could make for an entertaining broadcast if he does in fact open up about stories from his illustrious playing career.

Andrews also added:

"Everybody's worried about the commentating, but I'm just like, ' The guy's skin. I have to deal with this, him being on my crew.' "

Her podcast host Charissa Thompson also chimed in:

"His resume supports that he is great at everything he does, so why would this be any different?"


Andrews and Thompson clearly have faith that Brady's new role in broadcasting is going to be successful. Considering he is already making $37.5 million per year to do so, one could argue that it already has been, prior to his actual debut.

Tom Brady's first game broadcasting with Fox

Tom Brady's Fox debut
Tom Brady's Fox debut

Tom Brady has already been promoted to the Fox broadcasting team for the 2024 NFL season, replacing Greg Olsen in the same role. This means that the legendary quarterback will make his debut in booth from Week 1 when the Cleveland Browns host the Dallas Cowboys.

He will be joined by Kevin Burkhardt, who will continue to serve as the play-by-play for the top unit. He was previously paired with Olsen, but they will break that unit up in order to slide Brady into to the spot.

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