"Where's his picture?"- Tom Brady wishes the world to see Peyton Manning's NFL Combine picture

Tom Brady wants to see Peyton Manning's NFL combine picture.
Tom Brady wants to see Peyton Manning's NFL combine picture.

Tom Brady and his 2000 NFL Draft Combine photo have become an internet meme because of how unfathomable it was for the quarterback to morph into one of the league's greats at the position based on his physique as a senior at the University of Michigan. After joking with pending Twitter owner Elon Musk that he wants the photo removed from the internet, he is now asking why one of his all-time great playcalling peers isn't being joked about the same way.

Tom Brady, during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, jokingly asked the host where Peyton Manning's NFL Draft Combine photo is:

"I've had a lot of time in the last 23 years to get into better shape. But yeah, I was a college kid. I was coming out of college, and that wasn't my finest moment. I always joke about that picture, but does no one else has a picture like that? Where's Peyton Manning's picture? He didn't look great in those grey shorts easily, so... But I never did somehow never see a picture of that."

Tom Brady has been trolling Peyton Manning plenty in recent days

It has not been a week removed from the last time Tom Brady mentioned Peyton Manning. The first time Brady got Manning this week was in a Twitter jab at the former University of Tennessee signal-caller's forehead size this past Monday. Brady tweeted a video of a wide-lens angle of his quarterback play in training camp and joked that it was the 'Peyton angle':

"The kids over on tiktok are calling this the Peyton angle...Rude!"

The two have traded friendly barbs over the last few years, with Manning mocking Brady's unwillingness to retire during his NFL Hall of Fame speech last summer:

"Next year, acceptance speeches will probably shrink to four minutes. And speaking of rivals, my good friend Tom Brady is here tonight, and by the time he is inducted, in his first year of eligibility in the year 2035, he'll only have time to post his acceptance speech on his Instagram account."

If Brady makes it to the year 2030 as an active player, he'd both prove Manning right and continue to show the world how gracefully athletes age in the 21st century. Who knew a plucky kid with an average physique would come this far.

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