"Tom wanted him out" - Colin Cowherd positive Brady kicked Arians out

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had a wild month featuring a Tom Brady return and a Bruce Arians departure. The head coach shocked the NFL world Wednesday night by announcing he would head to the front office and leave Todd Bowles as the new head coach.

This news immediately stirred up rumors. Why would Arians leave this job when he could win another Super Bowl? Everyone had an opinion, and FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd seemed to believe this was Brady's doing.

Cowherd said:

"Anytime things seem sudden and strange, there is usually a coup involved. Bruce Arians, who never showed any interest in the front office, although he had hinted at retirement suddenly retires so quickly that the Buccaneers had to rush the staff and rush the players together to tell them meaning it wasn't really planned. Meaning Brady wanted him out."

This is a solid claim from Cowherd as he calls it a "coup" on the part of Brady. Is this all just wild speculation?

Colin Cowherd is adamant in his belief about Tom Brady and Bruce Arians

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Press Conference
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Press Conference

Cowherd continued and brought up the idea that the quarterback always wanted control and finally got it with the surprise resignation of the head coach:

"Tom went there for more control and better weapons. He got the weapons, he got the Super Bowl. But what Tom never truly got, even in his Super Bowl winning season was control."

The fact Brady retired and then quickly unretired plays a part in Cowherd's take. Could that have been done to pressure the team into finding a new leader? The only question with that take is that the rest of the coaching staff is staying in place, and Arians will still be in the front office. He is not leaving the organization entirely.

Cowherd joins other sports personalities trying to find meaning in the coach's sudden retirement. Yet Arians is 69 years old and stressed the idea of a proper succession plan in his Thursday press conference.

That concept may be the evidence to analyze more than what Cowherd is saying with speculation about the difference between Tampa Bay and New England.

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