Travis Kelce ditches Jason Kelce's post-retirement plan to pursue Tom Brady-like role

Travis Kelce ditches Jason Kelce
Travis Kelce ditches Jason Kelce's post-retirement plan to pursue Tom Brady-like role

Travis Kelce wants to emulate Tom Brady when he hangs up his cleats. On the latest episode of the New Heights podcast, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end was briefed by his elder brother Jason about buying a stake in the Philadelphia Eagles, Jason's team for his entire career, but Travis declined:

"I would rather try and buy the Chiefs or be a minority stake owner in (them). ... Also, I don't think you can like call the game or do anything like that if it because (of) the whole Tom Brady thing. He wanted to have (a) minority stake in the Raiders. And it like messed with his TV." (52:00-52:37)

Later, Travis Kelce said that he wants to emulate Brady and call games in the booth:

"I want to broadcast when I'm done playing... I wanna be the talking head that calls the games." (54:44-54:54)


Travis Kelce reveals he considered switching to baseball if he failed at football

One look at Travis Kelce reveals a "lightning bruiser" of a man: six-foot-five and 250 lbs., yet able to run routes and catch passes as if he were the second coming of Randy Moss. But in an alternate world, he might have been doing something else entirely.

In the same aforementioned episode, Jason Kelce brought back some quotes from The Athletic that praised the nine-time Pro Bowler's multi-sport potential (basketball and baseball in particular, which he played in high school).

That led to Travis' admission that he once considered committing to baseball if he failed to succeed on the gridiron (segment begins at 29:00):

“It was always something in the back of my mind that I knew I had a chance at if I wanted to give it a run. You know, my size and my athleticism, as well as the fact that I could throw a baseball. I could track a baseball in the outfield. I felt like I would I would always get a chance.
"So it was always in the back of my mind that I had that as a plan B, which is why I tried to play in 2010 when I got kicked out of school or when I got kicked off the team for a little bit. I was always just kinda keeping that alive in a sense.”

Eventually, though, Travis Kelce could not "find a love of the game" and stuck to football, and the rest is history.

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