Tyreek Hill demands evidence in ongoing $75,000 legal battle against Sophie Hall through his lawyers: Report

Sophie Hall accuses Tyreek Hill of injuring her in 2023
Sophie Hall accuses Tyreek Hill of injuring her in 2023

Tyreek Hill is seeking evidence in a pending legal case against him. On Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported that the Miami Dolphins wide receiver had demanded that lawyers for model and influencer Sophie Hall turn over medical and fiscal documents as well as messages related to an alleged 2023 incident wherein he allegedly broke her leg during a football drill at his mansion near Florida.

She wants compensation of between $50,001 and $75,000 in damages and has also demanded a trial by jury.

Meanwhile, Hill and his lawyer, Julian Collins, deny any culpability for the incident and insist that her injury was the result of an accident involving a dog.

How did Tyreek Hill's incident with Sophie Hall occur?

The details of the incident did not become public knowledge until February 2024, just after the NFL season had concluded. The lawsuit's copy was published by the Daily Mail.

It was June 2023, during the offseason, Sophie Hall had just brought her 10-year-old to Tyreek Hill's football camp the week before. Afterward, he arranged a meeting with her at his Southwest Ranches mansion in Broward County, near Miami for her to take part in a few football drills, since as per the lawsuit;

"Defendant Hill told her that 'since her 10-year-old son played offensive lineman, she should practice that position as well'."

On the designated date, when the model/influencer arrived at the house, the eight-time Pro Bowl wideout was away, so she hung out with his mother and sister. He finally arrived that afternoon and began the football camp.

On the first offensive play, she, assuming a defensive line stance, managed to knock him back as he simulated an offensive snap, drawing laughter from the small crowd that included his mother, sister and trainer, as per the lawsuit.

Apparently "Embarrassed" and "enraged" at the result of the drill, Tyreek Hill then drew up another play for Hall, this time with their roles reversed. However, a puppy interrupted it. A third play occurred, and she managed to block him.

It was at this point that he allegedly lost it. Requesting a fourth play, he then charged at and hit her forcefully, causing "significant and serious injuries", more particularly a fractured right leg that needed surgery.

The prosecution has since been demanding at least $50,000 in damages. The defense, meanwhile, denies the events, claiming that Hall instead tripped over the puppy, causing her to lose balance and break her leg.

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