"Vaccinated players win the Super Bowl": Aaron Rodgers catches strays after Travis Kelce's Super Bowl win 

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce's win got fans throwing shade at Aaron Rodgers

It was a tale of two seasons for Aaron Rodgers and Travis Kelce. Rodgers believes them to be on opposite sides of the political spectrum when it comes to vaccines, given Kelce's Pfizer vaccination ads and Rodgers' unending anti-vaccine stance.

When Kelce earned his third career Super Bowl ring, one fan took the chance to throw shade at the quarterback.

Kelce starred in a Pfizer ad promoting the vaccine, which had Rodgers calling him out on The Pat McAfee Show. Given how things went for the two players, fans couldn't resist piling on after the star tight end took home another ring.

It should be noted that there is no medical correlation between the vaccine for COVID-19 and physical health when it comes to injuries. It seems like the most logical explanation is a coincidence, since the vaccine helps with an illness and not with preventing injury.

Nevertheless, after all the chatter that Rodgers made and the comments he sent towards the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, fans did not hold back when one player won a ring and the other played only a few snaps.

How much did Pfizer pay Travis Kelce?

Pfizer's ad campaign with Travis Kelce was a big one. It put arguably the most famous NFL player out there, since he is dating Taylor Swift, showcasing the vaccine in a highly positive light. It's hard to put value on that, but Pfizer did.

Travis Kelce won the Super Bowl
Travis Kelce won the Super Bowl

The endorsement from the star tight end didn't come cheaply, as it reportedly cost the company $20 million to hire Kelce. There's no telling what it brought them in return, but it made the two almost synonymous.

Explaining the origin of Aaron Rodgers' beef with 'Mr Pfizer' Travis Kelce

This beef between Aaron Rodgers and Travis Kelce goes back a ways. During the COVID-19 season in 2020, players could get vaccinated and follow different protocols. Rodgers reportedly followed the vaccinated policies and told reporters he was "immunized" when asked if he'd had the shot.

As it turned out, he had not had the shot and that sent Rodgers on an anti-vaccine crusade. He called out cancel culture and the "witch hunt" for him and adopted those stances more publicly.


Fast forward to 2023, and Rodgers still likes to bring it all up. When Kelce starred in the ad promoting what Rodgers believes to be a bad idea, he called him out on the Pat McAfee Show.

He'd go on to challenge the tight end to a debate and continuously talk about the vaccine on the show, but Kelce just laughed and responded back positively with a jab of his own before ignoring the rest of the New York Jets' QB's comments.

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