Watch: Bills fan almost breaks her neck following botched table-smash attempt

Bills fan narrowly avoids injury at tailgate
Bills fan narrowly avoids injury at tailgate

Buffalo Bills fans take pride in their epic tailgates. Fans gather at Orchard Park, New York, and come together on the common goal of smashing as many tables as possible.

But it's not just about smashing tables. No, it's about going through them with WWE-style flair. Obviously, the intersection of alcohol and such actions is a recipe for disaster. Avoidable injuries are likely to occur all the time and a scary one was recently shared on social media:

At least she won't remember the game today.

As seen in the video, one Bills fan (a man) tries to lift another (a woman) while both are on top of a vehicle. Unfortunately, the lifter can't find the desired elevation for the intended next move, which involves launching the woman at a table below. The consequent tossing is therefore a poor one. Well, it's stupid in the first place, but it's also terribly executed stupidity. Instead of landing on the surface of the table (which would have been safer), the fan catches the edge with her neck on her way down to the ground. Fortunately, the woman gets up after the botched slam.

The Bills and their wild tailgaits

NFL tailgates in general are known for their wild atmosphere, and a simple Twitter search for any given week will reveal plenty of fights and other debauchery. Remember, this is just in the parking lot before the game itself.

Bills tailgate clone trooper wedding >>>>>>> any other wedding theme #VivaBuffalo

Bills fans have taken it a bit further than other fan bases and have produced some great moments over the years. Yet everyone may want to take it easy after seeing this video. Imagine spending over $100 on Bills tickets and being knocked out or seriously injured before games that are worth watching.

The Cleveland Browns are another team known for its fans having insane tailgates. But now that the Bills and Browns are both on a good run, perhaps it is time to take the party into the stadium and enjoy the games instead.

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