Watch: Chargers run "Philly Special" with Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen 

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers

The "Philly Special" made an appearance on Sunday afternoon as the Los Angeles Chargers pulled it off against the Cincinnati Bengals for a two-point conversion.

Quarterback Justin Herbert took the snap and handed it off to running back Austin Ekeler, who then tossed it to wide receiver Keenan Allen. Allen then threw to Justin Herbert, who was waiting in the end zone, wide open for a successful two-point conversion and to take a 24-0 lead over the Cincinnati Bengals early in the second quarter.

After the Los Angeles Chargers 41-22 route of the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, Keenan Allen told reporters that the Chargers had actually just added the "Philly Special" to the playboook last week.

Allen Said:

“We just put it in this week. I show up to practice and it’s in."

Keenan Allen joked around that the offense practiced it just twice. The first time that they practiced it, they were successful. The second time, the ball went behind Justin Herbert, but he was still able to catch it. It was the first completion of Allen's nine-year NFL career. Allen jokingly said, he shouldn't be surprised about the successful attempt because he is the third-string quarterback.

What is the "Philly Special"?

QB Keenan Allen throws to WR Justin Herbert(via @NFL)

The "Philly Special" was essentially the reason the Philadelphia Eagles defeated Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. The "Philly Special" was run by the Eagles on a fourth and goal, late in the first half, instead of going for a field goal and attempting the trick play.

Foles yelled "Philly Philly" from the shotgun and ran to line up right as running back Corey Clement took the snap and handed it off to the former Florida Gators quarterback-turned tight end Trey Burton, who threw the pass to quarterback Nick Foles for the touchdown.

No. 10: “Philly Special” in @SuperBowl LII (Feb. 4, 2018) @Eagles #NFL100📺: NFL 100 Greatest Plays on @NFLNetwork

This was the first time that a trick play like the "Philly Special" was successfully made in the National Football League. Earlier in the second quarter, the Patriots had actually attempted a similar play but were unsuccessful as Tom Brady let the ball slip through his hands as he attempted to catch a pass from wide receiver Danny Amendola.

There have been a few attempts at the "Philly Special" since the Eagles successfully pulled it off in February 2018. But the original will always be the most remembered due to the Super Bowl setting and the underdog Philadelphia Eagles defeating the New England Patriots and Tom Brady.

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