WATCH: Darren Waller and Kelsey Plum share emotional moment after Aces star wins back-to-back WNBA titles

2023 WNBA Finals - Game Four
Darren Waller celebrating with Kelsey Plum after the WNBA Finals

Darren Waller has had a mixed week. On Monday night, his New York Giants lost at the Buffalo Bills after his game-winning touchdown catch was thwarted by cornerback Taron Johnson despite an unseen jersey grab. He also had to deal with an outburst by coach Brian Daboll after missing a third-down block.

However, on Wednesday, the one-time Pro Bowl tight end had a moment of respite and joy. He was courtside to watch the Las Vegas Aces play the New York Liberty in Game 4 of the WNBA Finals. The Aces won, giving Waller's wife, point guard Kelsey Plum, a second consecutive title.

Check out their celebration below:


Darren Waller opens up on Brian Daboll's mid-game outburst, hamstring injury

Back to the subject of Brian Daboll's outburst about him, Darren Waller is taking it in stride.

Speaking to reporters after practice on Wednesday, he said that his coach's ire on him is nothing new (via the New York Daily News):

“I don’t have a problem with it. I’ve had coaches that coach me hard at every level and kind of get in your face. My college coach (Paul) Johnson at Georgia Tech and Coach Daboll’s sideline demeanors are pretty similar. So how fiery he is really doesn’t catch me off guard."

However, he also made sure to defend Daboll's outburst, saying that it had a purpose:

“I feel like Coach’s intention was, ‘We need that block to try to get that play closer into potentially a better kick or to get points on the board.' So his intention was about the successful play and not so much him trying to be the big dog.
“I think in the moment, the frustration can build for him where it’s like, these little details, these small things, we’re right there, but it’s not coming through. We can kind of see that’s where that fire and anger is coming from.”

Darren Waller also provided an update on his hamstring injury:

"It more so has to do with the nerve that was behind it. So it's not really a muscular issue. It was more so a little bit something different, like nerve-wise."

This season, the New York Giants has 28 receptions for 282 yards but no touchdowns.

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