WATCH: Julian Edelman shares hilarious clip of himself with NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis at Colosseum

New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots

Ray Lewis and Julian Edelman, two famous retired NFL players, decided to take a trip together to what appears to be the Colosseum in Italy. Of course, the setting might have been different than a modern NFL stadium, but that didn't stop the guys from being themselves.

While at the tourist destination, Lewis and Edelman shot a quick video that was posted to Edelman's social media, per Bleacher Report Gridiron. Laughter ensued in classic TikTok fashion. In the video, the wide receiver says in a well-known auto-generated text-to-audio tone, "I went to the colosseum with Ray Lewis and this is what happened."

The video shows a couple of shots of the two walking around with an epic score growing in volume in the background. Next, it shows the Ravens linebacker doing a dance in the center of the Colusseum that ultimately ends with his famous roar. The video then cuts to the wide receiver's hilarious reaction.

He sticks his thumb out in a neutral pose for a long second before giving a thumbs down. Edelman then turns his head to the camera right as the epic song hits its climax. The result was an unexplainable, funny work of art.

Julian Edelman and Ray Lewis' claim to fame

Denver Broncos v New England Patriots
Denver Broncos v New England Patriots

Those who have been watching football for a while know both the wide receiver and linebacker from their heyday. Edelman was a wide receiver for the New England Patriots who took half a decade to pop, but when he did, he became one of the faces of the team.

Per Pro Football Reference, he arrived as a seventh-round pick in 2009 and stayed with the team for his entire career, retiring after the 2020 season. His most famous moment came in Super Bowl LI, when he caught a near impossible pass while rolling on the ground with a defender. He appeared to snatch the ball one millimeter off the the grass.


Meanwhile, the Ravens linebacker played in an earlier era, although the two sharedthe field on a few occassions when their time in the league coincided.

Like the wide receiver, Lewis played his entire career with one team the Baltimore Ravens. He was drafted in 1996 and retired in 2012, going out on top after winning a Super Bowl with Joe Flacco. He is a two-time Super Bowl champion, 13-time Pro Bowler and was selected for the 2000's NFL All-Decade Team.


He was known for being one of the most ferocious linebackers in the league. He played in 228 games in total, earning 41.5 total sacks and 31 interceptions.

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