WATCH: Video surfaces of Brian Daboll fed up with Daniel Jones after Giants QB's pick-6 vs. Seahawks

Video surfaces of Brian Daboll fed up with Daniel Jones after Giants QB
Video surfaces of Brian Daboll fed up with Daniel Jones after Giants QB's pick-6 vs. Seahawks

Giants head Brian Daboll had it with Daniel Jones in their game against the Seahawks after the quarterback's poor decision making led to a pick-six.

Any interception in this league, where one expects football at the highest level, is bad. When it is returned for a touchdown, it is worse. But the worst definitely has to be when you are trailing 14-3 and the Seattle return comes when the Giants were parked near their endzone.

Daniel Jones had a second-and-goal and rushed his throw. It was picked off by Devon Witherspoon and returned for a 97-yard touchdown. A touchdown would have brought the game to 14-9 at a minimum; instead it became 21-3.

It is fair to say that Brian Daboll was not happy with his quarterback's decision to make that throw and was seen berating his player as he came off the field on the sideline.

The relationship did not improve going further into the second half as later the head coach was seen talking tot he quarterback and throwing away a tablet in disgust. Brian Daboll has previously defended Daniel Jones and always put an arm around him and it was incongruous to see the videos.

Brian Daboll had gone off on Daniel Jones in the first half as well

Brian Daboll was frustrated with Daniel Jones earlier in the game as well. He had fumbled the ball on a strip sack by Mario Edwards that had given the Seahawks the ball in the Giants redzone. Seattle did not miss the opportunity to score from the turnover as Geno Smith threw a pass to D.K. Metcalf for the game's first touchdown.

Later in the game, with the offense stalled, the head coach could be seen shaking his head when talking to his quarterback.

Daniel Jones gave away another interception later in the second half after the pick-six and then gave up a turnover downs later in the fourth quarter too. It was a nightmare outing for the quarterback.

Brian Daboll, however, will be equally frustrated with his offensive line. They could not protect their offensive leader behind them at all and by the time there was four minutes remaining in the game, they had given up 10 sacks. No quarterback can play under such duress.

Although, given that Jones' turnovers directly contributed to 14 points on the same or very next set of downs, marking a majority of the points scored by Seattle, Daboll was justified in his anger.

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Edited by Rit Nanda