"We can't be hypocrites in America": Cam Newton decries outrage on Caleb Williams' nails

Cam Newton decries outrage on Caleb Williams
Cam Newton decries outrage on Caleb Williams' nails

Cam Newton has stepped up to defend Caleb Williams' fashion choices. Over the few weeks leading up to the 2024 NFL draft, Williams has been in the news for multiple reasons, including his phone case and nail polish color. Many online users continue to make fun of Williams for the same, unimpressed with his style.

However, many people, including Cam Newton, have jumped to defend Caleb Williams. Speaking on "Good Morning Football," Newton described Williams as 'Gen Z' and 'here to stay,' while questioning if any of these concerns matter:

“Being unique, we can’t be hypocrites in America. We can’t promote land of the free and then all of a sudden when somebody does something that’s unique, you crucify him. I think the profession we’re in, Gen Z is here. They’re here to stay. Whatever a person does personally should just matter personally."

Newton added that if it affects someone's play, then you start caring about what people wear or paint on their nails.

"If it starts bleeding into their play, that’s when you can care. As I’m seeing these highlights of Caleb Williams, pink nails, red nails, green nails, no nails, if you can play football and win football games in that locker room for that franchise, nothing else matters."

Caleb Williams clapped back at analyst critiquing his style

Last month, Caleb Williams was at the USC women's basketball game. The QB was seated courtside and was the focus of the camera on multiple occasions. While fans continued to discuss his pink phone case, Williams was quick to call out an analyst who questioned his taste.

Jack McGuire, who covers college football for Bartool Sports, wrote:

"Your pfp [profile picture] is crazy ngl [not going to lie]," Williams wrote in response.

With the 2024 NFL draft approaching, Williams remains the expected No. 1 pick for the Chicago Bears.

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