When Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers split abruptly

When Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers split abruptly
Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers split abruptly in 2022

Back in 2020, countless rumors linked Aaron Rodgers to Shailene Woodley. The Green Bay Packers star had broken up with Danica Patrick and was rumored to be in a serious relationship with the Divergent actress. However, their relationship didn't come without its own set of surprises.

Considering their relationship timeline, their breakup was just as sudden as their engagement announcement.


To those following both Woodley and Rodgers, the couple were all set to get married. They were together throughout the pandemic but decided to call it quits as 2022 approached. There was some back and forth as the couple did get back together for a short period of time later.

According to Us Weekly magazine, the couple decided to call it quits after being together for over a year. While both Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers have dated multiple celebrities in the course of their respective careers, many fans were rooting for the two to tie the knot.

“Shailene has been super busy with work,” a source told Us Weekly “Everything was so different during lockdown, and they had been living in their bubble. Friends of Shailene don’t believe Aaron is the best match for her.”

Did Shailene Woodley speak up on her breakup with Aaron Rodgers?

In a recent interview with Porter, Woodley opened up about her breakup and relationship with Rodgers for the first time since they split. While she did not go into the details, Woodley shared how she felt about the whole situation.

Aaron Rodgers at the Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers game
Aaron Rodgers at the Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers game
"It honestly never really hit me that millions of people around the world were actually watching these things and paid attention to them. Then, I dated somebody in America who was very, very famous," she explained. "It was the first time that I'd had a quote-unquote 'famous' relationship, and I watched [the] scrutiny, opinions, the desire for people to know my life and his life and our life — it just felt violating in a way that, before, it was fun."

She ended up describing it as the 'darkest, hardest time' in her life. New York was cold, and so was her personal life.

"It was winter in New York, and my personal life was shi**y, so it felt like a big pain bubble for eight months. I was so grateful that at least I could go to work and cry and process my emotions through my character."

Woodley added that as she was an extremely private person, it dawned on her that she was sharing too much with people she didn't really trust.

Since then, Aaron Rodgers has been linked to Milwaukee Bucks heiress Mallory Edens. Whether the rumors are true or not is yet to be confirmed.

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