Who is flipping the coin at the Super Bowl LVII? 

Pat Tillman Foundation 2020 "Pat
Pat Tillman Foundation 2020 "Pat's Run"

Super Bowl 2023 will see the Kansas City Chiefs lock horns with the Philadelphia Eagles in their big game this weekend. Four Pat Tillman Foundation scholars will flip the coin at the Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, February 12.

Being the first mother to have two children - Travis and Jason Kelce - competing on Super Sunday at the Super Bowl, a campaign was started to make Donna Kelce's experience even more memorable.

The campaign sought to help Donna flip the ceremonial coin before the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII as a means of expressing the NFL's admiration and love for the thrilled mother.

The NFL announced four Pat Tillman Foundation scholars will serve as the honorary coin toss captains at Super Bowl LVII.

But that's not going to happen. A representative for the NFL said that since there are already established procedures, Donna Kelce won't be included in the coin toss. The representative said:

"We are thrilled to host four Pat Tillman Foundation Scholars who will participate in the coin toss ceremony in celebration of the enduring legacy of service that Pat Tillman left behind."

How is the coin toss determined in Super Bowl?

Interestingly, the NFL designates the NFC Championship winners as the home team for every odd-numbered Super Bowl. So, in this year's Super Bowl (57) the Philadelphia Eagles will be the home team while the Kansas City Chiefs will play as the away side.

The designated team then chooses heads or tails for the Super Bowl coin toss and the referee confirms the call mid-toss. The side that wins the coin toss then has the option of choosing to receive the ball or selecting which side they wish to start in the game.

What is the process for flipping the coin at the Super Bowl?

After the designated team chooses either heads or tails at the Super Bowl coin toss, the referee then confirms the call made mid-toss. This ensures that there is no mistake and that the confirmed call is correct.

Who keeps the Super Bowl coin?

After serving its duty at the big game, the Super Bowl coin is sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Pat Tillman will be remembered at this year's Super Bowl

Pat Tillman will be remembered at this year's Super Bowl. For Super Bowl LVII, the NFL has chosen four students from his foundation to serve as coin toss masters.

After Tillman passed away, the foundation was established in his name. It honors Tillman's heritage by providing educational assistance, leadership training, and a supportive network of mentors and friends to help members of the armed forces, veterans, and couples who uphold Tillman's principles mature and become the next generation of decision-makers, regardless of how they decide to participate.

SUPER BOWL SURPRISE: Four Pat Tillman Foundation scholars are going to #SuperBowlLVII!@NFL star @JJWatt surprised all four on a Zoom call with the news that they’ll get to see the coin toss in person as they serve as honorary captains for the game.

The Arizona Cardinals selected Pat Tillman, a star footballer, in the seventh round of the 1998 NFL Draft. After the September 11 attacks, the defensive back, who set team records, decided to put his NFL career on hold and serve in the US Army. On April 22, 2004, he died in Afghanistan in a friendly fire incident.

In a statement announcing the ceremonial coin toss members on Feb. 12, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell remarked:

"Pat Tillman gave the ultimate sacrifice to our nation, and we are committed to ensuring that his life and legacy are permanently recognized and celebrated across the entire NFL family."
"We are incredibly proud of the Tillman Foundation and the Tillman Scholars program, whose goal is to support leaders in bringing about meaningful change. These four Tillman Scholars have accomplished exactly that, and we are proud to have them join us on the field as this year's coin toss captains to represent the Pat Tillman Foundation."

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