Who is Taylor Pomaski? Former NFL player's 29-year-old girlfriend goes missing after a house party

Taylor Pomaski
Taylor Pomaski
Walter Sharp

Taylor Pomaski is the girlfriend of former NFL player Kevin Ware. On April 25th, Taylor Pomaski and Kevin Ware threw a house party in northwest Harris County. Pomaski went missing after the house party. The former NFL player's girlfriend has been missing for over a month now, and investigators believe foul play was involved.

How did the 29-year-old come up missing, and what events led to the disappearance of Taylor Pomaski?

What happened before Taylor Pomaski went missing from the house party?

Taylor Pomaski
Taylor Pomaski

The relationship between ex-NFL player Kevin Ware and Taylor Pomaski was on the rocks, according to Pomaski's ex-boyfriend Eric Zuleger. Taylor Pomaski's ex-boyfriend provided a lot of information about the relationship. Zuleger had this to say about Taylor Pomaski and her relationship with Kevin Ware:

"Taylor is a great, bubbly, bubbly woman, and her parents and family and friends miss her a lot. Taylor reached out to me many times throughout the month of April in various emails needing help. We were talking about her getting out of there, getting back on her feet, getting herself set and stabilized."

Zuleger also mentioned that Pomaski and Ware's relationship was toxic and abusive. According to KHOU, Kevin Ware is not cooperating with investigators regarding Taylor Pomaski's disappearance. Ware's uncooperative behavior is making him look suspicious and could potentially make Zuleger's comments accurate about their relationship.

The Texas EquuSearch got involved in the search efforts for Taylor Pomaski. Tim Miller is the Texas EquuSearch, and he had this to say about the situation:

"Taylor Pomaski vanished without any logical reason, and there is a heightened concerned for her well-being."

Tim Miller has his suspicions about Kevin Ware being the reason behind the disappearance of Taylor Pomaski. Miller talked about Ware's criminal history and how he was arrested in Montgomery County on April 19th for the drugs and guns found in his car. He was released soon after as he made a bond. Tim Miller had this to say about the release of Ware:

"A couple days later, there is a big party at his house and then a fight broke out with him and Taylor, and, from what we understand, the fight got fairly violent. This certainly is in no way going to have a happy ending."

The former NFL player has not been named as a person of interest in the case as of right now.

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