"This was a message to Shailene Woodley with some Packers stuff attached to it" - NFL analyst takes a dig at Aaron Rodgers

WM Phoenix Open - Preview Day Three
WM Phoenix Open - Preview Day Three

Aaron Rodgers made news Monday night by placing a lengthy post on Instagram thanking everyone from Green Bay Packers teammates and coaches, to (rumored) former fiance' Shailene Woodley for putting up with him.

Many saw this as the 2022 NFL MVP either alluding to a possible retirement or a possible goodbye to the Packers organization because he is about to move on.

But some didn't see it that way. Some see this as the quarterback using this opportunity to win back his ex-girlfriend Shailene Woodley.

At least that's what Fox Sports One analyst and First Things First show host Nick Wright seems to think the All-Pro quarterback is doing. Here is what he thought about the letter penned by the current NFL MVP.

"My point is this, if Aaron Rodgers were a movie star and not a quarterback, would it shock you that he posts a somewhat sappy somewhat or you know, hard to decipher IG post right after a very public breakup, where the person in it who gets more words than anybody else is his ex fiance. Like this to me was a message to Shailene Woodley with some Packers stuff attached to it. "

Wright continued his rant against the letter.

"He starts with Shailene Woodley in the comments, he gives her a longer graph. Then he gave her as much room as and all my teammates like this is to me was out of the Hollywood playbook, not out of the Lambeau playbook, and that's fine. Again, I'm not being judgmental here but I thought it was pretty clear what this was."

The question is what does the cryptic post really mean?

Was Aaron Rodgers writing a good-bye letter?

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions

It is beginning to feel as if the former Super Bowl XLV MVP is about to move on from the Packers franchise.

Rumors are that Woodley left because of Rodgers' total devotion to football.

The only question now is where would Rodgers plan to go? The Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Denver Broncos have all been rumored to be in the hunt for the services of the quarterback.

The Broncos just hired former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett as their new head coach. The Broncos have a stellar defense and it would place the current Packers quarterback just a little closer to home (which is California).

The world will likely soon know what Aaron Rodgers plans to do next in his life.

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