NFL Draft 2021: Max Kellerman's comment on the first three picks could cause him some heat

ESPN's First Take Max Kellerman
ESPN's First Take Max Kellerman
Walter Sharp

ESPN's morning show First Take is one of the most watched programs amongst sports fans. Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith have a go at each other every morning as they debate on various sporting topics around the world.

Kellerman is known for making outrageous comments that send Stephen A. Smith over the edge.

Brace yourself because Max Kellerman has done it again. His comments about the first three picks in this year's draft will surely be a matter of controversy on social media. Here's what Max Kellerman had to say about the first three picks of the 2021 NFL Draft.

NFL Draft 2021: What did Max Kellerman say about the first three picks in this year's draft?

Top Five QB Prospects
Top Five QB Prospects

During a segment on First Take, Max Kellerman said he has concerns about the first three picks.

Here's what Max Kellerman had to say about picks one, two and three on ESPN's First Take:

"Sometimes quarterbacks rise, sometimes they fall, but what I've noticed, in recent years after decades of artificial barriers being put in place for Black quarterbacks is that vis-a-vis White quarterbacks, Black quarterbacks in the draft tend to fall pre-draft."
"Sometimes it's right, Daniel Jones looks like he's going to better than Dwayne Haskins, and sometimes it's wrong. Mitch Trubisky is not as good as Deshaun Watson or certainly not Patrick Mahomes."

Max Kellerman went on to add more points to his narrative. This is where things get interesting and why Max Kellerman could receive backlash for what he said.

"The point is, the correlation that can be made, is that your status falls, vis-a-vis White quarterbacks, and so that's why my atennas are up when I notice one, two and three this year- White guy, White guy, White guy. But that may be correct. We need to see in the end how these guys turn out as pros."

In the end, Max Kellerman probably didn't mean any harm in his statement. Justin Fields was the second best quarterback prospect in the country all season long. Hours prior to the NFL draft, his stock has fallen, and it's hard to spot a reason for his dip. Fields has everything needed to lead an NFL franchise.

There's nothing questionable about his character and there aren't any off-the-field issues that Fields has been involved in. The same can be said about Trey Lance. Lance was right behind Justin Fields, ahead of both Zach Wilson and Mac Jones. Now, less than a day away from the NFL Draft, they have both fallen behind Wilson and Jones.

It'll be interesting to see where all the quarterbacks outside of Trevor Lawrence land. Justin Fields and Trey Lance will still be selected in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, but it's still uncertain as to why they have fallen down the ord.

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