NFL Draft 2024: 5 teams that cannot afford to get Day 1 picks wrong feat. Giants, Chargers, and more

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NFL Draft 2024: 5 teams that cannot afford to get Day 1 picks wrong feat. Giants, Chargers, and more

It's true that certain teams, more than others, cannot afford to make a mistake with their first-round pick in the 2024 NFL draft.

Making a wrong decision in the draft could result in long-lasting problems and keep them in the same position rather than progressing. There's a lot of pressure to get things right because the draft is one of the most basic approaches for a club to advance rapidly.

Below, we analyze five NFL teams that can’t afford to get their first-round pick wrong in the 2024 draft.

NFL teams that can't afford to make a mistake in the first round of the draft

1) Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders haven't made many smart draft selections in the last few years. Tom Telesco, the general manager, plans to address that specifically this year.

Even though the franchise has had success with its first-round selections on a few occasions, Las Vegas has generally struggled when it comes to first-round draft decisions. In reality, most of the Raiders' productive first-round selections are no longer on the team.

The Raiders have a depleted offensive line and several other need-to-be-filled positions on the roster as they head to the 2024 NFL Draft. Starting with their No. 13, they will try to address these spots in the draft. However, Las Vegas cannot afford to select the wrong player this time with their first-round selection.

Few people in Telesco's position at the team have been able to identify the best choice for the Raiders in the first round of the draft in recent years, so he has an enormous challenge to meet.

2) Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers hold the No. 5 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, and they have to make it count.

The Chargers are expected to choose between an offensive lineman and a wide receiver with their first-round pick. However, other sources have suggested that the team's best option is to move down in the first round to get more picks.

There's one thing that's certain, though: the Chargers cannot afford to miss on their first pick, regardless of what they choose to do in the first round.

The Chargers finished with a dismal 5-12 record in 2023, so their attention must be directed toward how to do better in 2024. They have some obvious needs around the squad, chief among them being in the wide receiver room with the trade of Keenan Allen and the release of Mike Williams.

3) New York Giants

The New York Giants will have to make some choices in the 2024 NFL Draft. The team can choose to trade down to gain more picks, remain at No. 6 and choose a quarterback or wide receiver, or move up for a quarterback.

However, Joe Schoen must understand that there's no margin for error this time, regardless of the path he chooses. It's difficult to envision a situation where the general manager doesn't select a player in the first round who could have an instant effect, considering the club's roster requirements and the quality of their talent pool.

The Giants still have one of the weakest squads in the the league, and many think that it would be safer to select a high-end wide receiver in the first round of the draft than to select another quarterback.

That way, current QB1 Daniel Jones will have the kind of weaponry he has been missing for most of his professional career.

4) New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have the No. 3 overall pick in the 2024 draft. The Patriots had one of the worst rosters in the league at the end of the 2023 season, finishing with a dismal 4-13 record.

A portion of the team's fans have already accepted that the 2024 NFL campaign will likely not be a successful one, regardless of how well the draft goes.

It has been suggested that the Patriots need to consider offers in exchange for their third-overall selection. That way, they can obtain additional picks to address roster gaps in 2024 and potentially in 2025.

The Patriots are in a unique position where anything they decide to do with their first-round pick might likely draw criticism. But the group cannot afford to take a poor decision that could set them back even farther.

5) Buffalo Bills

It appears improbable that the Buffalo Bills, following the trade of Stefon Diggs, will leave the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft without tackling their obvious wide receiver need. But don't forget that the Bills have significant needs on both the offensive and defensive lines as well.

The Bills have many options when it comes to selecting a receiver in the first round. They may choose to make a significant trade up, going up a few spots.

They may also choose to drop down in the draft or hold their current position at No. 28. The Bills must make the right decision with their first-round selection, or it could seriously hinder their chances of competing in 2024.

The Bills have never selected a receiver in the first three rounds of the NFL draft under general manager Brandon Beane, but it will be difficult to continue that trend this season.

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