NFL fans ANGERED by Bengals QB Joe Burrow's comments on Cincinnati nightlife

Joe Burrow, quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
Joe Burrow, quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals are one team relatively untouched by COVID-19 in comparison to what several other teams are currently facing. Joe Burrow's explanation?

He says it is in large part that there is "not a ton to do in Cincinnati." As such, no players are contracting COVID-19 out at the bars and nighttime events.

That comment has triggered a large part of the NFL community.

NFL fans fight back against Joe Burrow's comments about Cincinnati nightlife

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens

Joe Burrow is suffering from a fascinating phenomenon that occurs quite often to those who move to new cities. It doesn't matter how big the city is or how much there is to do.

Every city (outside of major locales such as Las Vegas and Miami) has only so many spots, nightlife options, theme parks, etc. After a certain amount of time, everything that can be done has been done.

At this point, people that were once starry-eyed entering the area for the first time become apathetic, having done everything they want to do. Once a person hits the nightlife of an area, it may start to feel redundant as time goes on.

Sure, there are other options for activities, but the best ones have already been done.

No matter where one lives, it seems that one's life eventually devolves into consuming entertainment on the couch. That said, while the length of time before this happens varies by geography, it eventually happens nonetheless.

Instead of thinking about what there is to do, it is better to consider who there is to do things with.

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That said, one exception could be climate.

If the dark, cold days of winter or the long, drawn out summers are painful and a source of dread six months per year, it may make sense to move elsewhere in the country to alleviate those issues.

Additionally, if there are bigger career opportunities, a move might make sense as well.


In the end, Burrow's opinion on Cincinnati nightlife would be the same as anywhere else if he stayed in a specific city long enough.

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