NFL fans make jokes about Tim Tebow's viral blocks, inviting meme-fest on Twitter

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars
Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars

QB-turned MLB player-turned TE Tim Tebow has been a trending topic since Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer signed his former national champion QB to transition to TE. Few have given him a chance to make the final roster and now virtually no one has faith in him after just the first NFL preseason game.

All eyes were going to be on Tim Tebow during that game, making you think he would put in extra effort to not screw up and leave it all on the field. In a blocking attempt against the Cleveland Browns, Tim Tebow showed the sports world that his time might be over. On a run attempt to the right, Tim Tebow lined up to the left to use a wham block. He moved right after the snap and picked up an oncoming defender. With someone with Tim Tebow's strong frame and height, you would be able to attack a defender standing straight up and win your assignment. Instead, Tim Tebow lowered his shoulder and literally rolled off the defender.

His "move" did stop the defender from getting a hand on the incoming ballcarrier but it was quite "unorthodox." Skip Bayless did jump to the aid of Tebow on Twitter with a similar point.

Others, like Hall of Fame TE Shannon Sharpe, were not so pleased with Tim Tebow's performance.

Shannon Sharpe really broke it down in this video and it shows that it is extremely difficult to transition to a different skill position in the NFL. As a QB, you are taught to always tackle leading with your non-throwing shoulder, as Tebow did here, even though it was the wrong shoulder for the necessary block. He's still in his first year as a TE in the NFL and it will take time to get out of his old habits. As Sharpe said, it is the preseason and if that was a defender like Myles Garrett, Tim Tebow would have been tossed like a rag doll.

The worst part of all this is that Tim Tebow had another poor block...on the next play. Once again, it gives the feeling of little effort from him on the field. Tim Tebow is lined up on the LOS and does attack his defender with the proper stance and technique. However, the defender was able to push Tebow aside and into a LB behind the defender. His assignment did end up being the first one to tackle to the RB this time.

By Tuesday, the Jaguars need to get their roster down to 85. If Tim Tebow is still on the depth chart on Wednesday, it will be an utter surprise and a question mark on Urban Meyer's judgment.

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