NFL Free Agency: 3 replacements for Raiders DT Gerald McCoy after injury

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy PJ Hall with the Raiders
Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy
Ian Van Roy

The Las Vegas Raiders lost Gerald McCoy to injury in the win against the Baltimore Ravens. With McCoy now out of the picture, the Raiders have some work ahead of them as they search for a replacement. Unfortunately, options are limited for the group this late in the year.

That said, there are some rusted diamonds in the rough and some options for the position. Here's a look at the three best options available.

3 options for the Raiders at defensive tackle

#1 - Geno Atkins

Geno Atkins has been spotty since the end of 2020, recording just one tackle. However, looking just a bit further back, there is a decent case for Atkins. He earned a 76.2 PFF grade in 2020 and had 4.5 sacks. As a replacement for McCoy, Atkins could be great if he shows up as his 2019 old self. That said, he could also struggle if he shows up like it is still 2020.

It would be a coin flip for the Raiders, but it could be a great fit if it works out. At 33 years old, Atkins would be a one-season fit. However, considering Gerald McCoy is also 33 years old, the shelf life is about the same for both players. Either way, the Raiders will be looking to the draft for a replacement in 2022.

#2 - P.J. Hall

Former Raiders defensive tackle P.J. Hall chases Gardner Minshew
Former Raiders defensive tackle P.J. Hall chases Gardner Minshew

At 26 years old, P.J. Hall still has half a decade of gas in the tank. Unfortunately, looking at his most recent production, Hall presents many questions. Last season with the Houston Texans, Hall had only one sack and earned a PFF grade of 56.7. That said, in 2019 with the Raiders, Hall had two sacks and earned a 70.2 PFF grade. The Raiders should take a good, long look at bringing back Hall.

There is a chance that sitting out of the league could have lit a fire under him. If he's motivated, he could return to 2019 form. Considering his age, he could be with the Raiders for a number of years to come. It would be a possible long-term solution for the Raiders.

#3 - Kawaan Short

At 32 years old, Kawaan Short's days in the NFL are limited. Last season and 2019 were nearly scratches with the Carolina Panthers. That said, in 2018, Short had a season in which he earned an 83.7 PFF grade. He also had three sacks. Unlike the other two players, Kawaan Short has a higher ceiling if he returns.

Granted, Short hasn't done much of anything in the last two years. If Short shows up and is clearly not a fit, the Raiders will easily be able to move on, considering he's likely to get a minimum contract. If it works out and Short succeeds in 2021, the Raiders will look like geniuses.

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