NFL Revenue: How much money does the league earn in a year?

Cleveland Browns v New York Jets
Cleveland Browns v New York Jets

The NFL is a billion-dollar sporting organization, and the NFL revenue per year is ridiculous. The league is also one of the most profitable on the planet.

We know that all 32 NFL teams have serious money—just look at the evaluation of the Dallas Cowboys (owner Jerry Jones thinks he could get $10 billion if he sold). But what about the NFL revenue itself?

Given all the TV rights, sponsorship deals, and everything in between, the NFL makes some serious money, but how much?

NFL revenue for 2021

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans

In 2021, all 32 NFL teams generated a staggering $17.1 billion combined. That is an incredible cheque. But what about the NFL? Given that the 2022 season is still ongoing, there are no figures for the NFL revenue now.

NEW RECORD: Between media rights, sponsorships, and shared revenue/royalties from league affiliates and subsidiaries, NFL revenue between all 32 clubs surpassed $11 billion in 2021.The news came on the same day the NBA revealed it topped $10B in revenue for the first time ever.

But last season, the NFL revenue was enormous. According to Sportico's Kurt Badenhausen, the NFL reportedly generated a revenue of $9 billion last year.

With all the new streaming services, such as Amazon Prime and others, the NFL will only continue bringing in extraordinary amounts of money.

How does the NFL make its money?

The league is a global juggernaut, and like most sporting organizations, the signed TV rights deals come with a big cheque. Any way the league can put its product on TV is a big bonus.


However, TV isn't the NFL's only arrow in the quiver. Ticket sales, merchandise, and other sponsorships also generate massive revenue for the NFL.

Which NFL team is the most profitable?

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys

It is exactly who you think. Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowboys were the most profitable NFL team in 2021, raking in $1.1 billion, per That is not bad for a team with little success on the field.


But off it, Dallas are one of the most recognizable sporting organizations on the planet, thanks to Jerry Jones. The fact that the Cowboys are usually on the front page of newspapers and online sites every other day adds up to a ridiculously valuable franchise.

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