NFL Rumors - Will Dez Bryant play in 2021?

Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills
Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills

WR Dez Bryant played in six games for the Baltimore Ravens last season, and had just six catches for 47 yards and two TDs.

The 32-year-old former All-Pro has barely played in the NFL since leaving the Dallas Cowboys after the 2017 season. After playing in 2020, Dez Bryant could have at least received a tryout at a team by now.

He's not a star anymore, but he could be an experienced depth player. But Dez Bryant might be looking beyond football now.

TMZ Sports reported that Dez Bryant is looking to make upwards of $100 million with his new project with NFTs. His company, Personal Corner, is 'for the athlete, by the athlete'. Dez Bryant wants to use this platform for athletes on all levels to help launch their personal NFTs.

For ones who are unaware about NFTs, they are non-fungible tokens. In layman's terms, NFT is a digital piece of art, media or experience with a limited quantity.

It's similar to an online sports trading card that can increase in value and rarity and can be traded or sold by the buyer. Once the limited quantity is sold, no more will be created to keep them valuable. For athletes, it's a new path to getting paid for your NIL (name, image, likeliness). Athletes can create NFTs themselves or with a partner company, but there is no middle man like the NFL or NCAA involved. The NFL has banned the use of NFTs by teams, but not athletes, though.

Whether Dez Bryant can hit the mark of $100 million or not, he is still set to make a hefty amount of money. When asked about a return to football, Dez Bryant said he's still in great shape and can still play...if he wants.

For now, he seems excited about his new business venture with Personal Corner and feels they can do a lot of good for the sake of athletes everywhere. Dez Bryant would be open to continuing his football career, but it doesn't seem like there's time to do both.

Will Dez Bryant play in the 2021 NFL season?

As far as the 2021 NFL season goes, don't expect to see Dez Bryant suit up for a team. While he could likely be a contributor off the bench for a team, there are no teams that seem like they are in great need of his services at this time.

The New Orleans Saints and Las Vegas Raiders are two teams that come to mind, but he's been there, done that with the Saints. Barring a slew of injuries, Dez Bryant could be fully involved with Personal Corner during the 2021 season. At his age, he might retire from the NFL.

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