"Leave her alone" - Patrick Mahomes's fianceé Brittany Matthews teams up with charity to counter bullying

Kasas City Chiefs quaterback Patrick Mahomes's fianceé Brittany Matthews
Kasas City Chiefs quaterback Patrick Mahomes's fianceé Brittany Matthews

For Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews, fame is a fickle monster. For Brittany Matthews, it’s much worse online. Social media, and NFL Twitter specifically, can be ruthless to anyone in their crosshairs. Lately, Matthews has been the prime target of online bullying.

In the aftermath of Matthews’s champagne shower on the crowd in Sunday’s AFC Division Round matchup where the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills, clothing brand Charlie Hustle is teaming up with Matthews and a Kansas City anti-bullying charity.

The clothing company made the announcement in a tweet published on Thursday, which read:

"But seriously…leave Brittany alone. We’re teaming up with @brittanylynne8 [Brittany Matthews]& #RedCardKC, an organization founded in KC between @SportingKC & @ChildrensMercy in effort to call out bullying when you see it. Proceeds will benefit #RedCardKC! #TeamBrittany."

Patrick Mahomes' fianceé Brittany Matthews exposed to online abuse in recent past

These days on social media, taking a position exposes you to opinions that differ from yours. As the fianceé of the NFL’s most famous (and highly paid) player, the exposure to critics is wider. Anyone not a Kansas City Chiefs fan will naturally carry annoyance at Matthews's effusive support of her significant other. Even a subset of Chiefs fans might find her annoying regardless — although others have shown support.

From clips of her celebrating Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Divisional Round, to her lamenting that every action of hers is attacked on social media, Matthews is the poster child of online bullying. Her active presence on Twitter does expose her more to annoyed fans who can criticize her words and actions.

At the very most, her work with Red Card KC (the Kansas City anti-bullying charity) and Charlie Hustle will bring positive attention to bullying. At the very least, her actions in the aftermath of the Chiefs’ win over the Bills was a waste of good champagne.

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