Patrick Mahomes minority ownerships: $70,000,000 worth Chiefs QB's NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and F1 investments explored

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Patrick Mahomes minority ownerships: $70,000,000 worth Chiefs QB's NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and F1 investments explored

Patrick Mahomes is 28 years old and the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is already worth $70 million. To put that into perspective, that is a $2.5 million per year accumulation of net value from the day he was born.

He has created his worth using his supreme talents on the football field. He has already defeated every other team in the NFL at least once, which makes him the first quarterback to reach that milestone before turning 30. He has won two Super Bowls, three AFC Championships and been to two other conference championship games.

He is undoubtedly a phenomenal football player and his reward is a new contract restructuring worth $210.6 million in four years from 2023 to 2026. It is the biggest contract for the given time span. But his net worth also comes down to shrewd investments.

Patrick Mahomes has targeted the sports arena as his choice of sector for investment and given his ubiquity in American sports, that is hardly a surprise. He has his hands in the honey pot of MLS, MLB and F1 and looking actively for other opportunities. Here, we break down some of his investments:

Patrick Mahomes Investments: Analyzing the Chiefs QB's portfolio

As an active player in the NFL, Mahomes cannot invest in any team in the league. His only earning from the league directly is the contract he gets from the Chiefs. However, the quarterback has his heart set on emulating Tom Brady once he retires and gets a share of some team, if it becomes available:

"I think Tom [Brady] is trying to do it right now, but that's definitely where you want to get to. I love this sport and want to give back in any way possible. When I'm done playing, obviously I'll be a Chiefs fan, but at the same time I want to have that competitive edge I've always had my entire life."

Right now, in other leagues, his interest is concentrated around the Kansas City area given he is the biggest sporting star in the region. He, along with his wife, has ownership stakes in the NWSL team, the Kansas City Current. Brittany Mahomes, of course, was a professional soccer player herself. He is also involved in the men's side in MLS with the Sporting Kansas City team.

Patrick Mahomes' father was a baseball player and it is a sport he keenly played and follows. He, therefore, also has an ownership stake in the Kansas City Royals.

The NBA does not have a team in the Kansas City area and many feel that it would be a ripe area for an expansion or relocation of a basketball franchise. If that chance arises, we are sure to see Patrick Mahomes jumping at it. But the quarterback is not bound by location:

"I'm always looking around. I can't do it in the NFL while I'm playing, so I'm always looking around at other sports. It's hard to get in all sports, NBA and all that different type of stuff, but I'm always keeping my ears open. If they give me the opportunity, I'm going to jump at it."

Confirming that he is interested in investments outside the local region, Patrick Mahomes, along with teammate Travis Kelce and professional golfer Rory McIlroy, has decided to put some of his money into the Alpine F1 team. With the sport growing in the USA, it looks like a solid investment.

Apart from sports teams, he also has ownership stakes in Whataburger, Whoop and Hyperice. He is building quite a portfolio, on and off the field. By the time Patrick Mahomes is done, the current $70 million figure is expected to be forgotten as he is expected to far outstrip this with his achievements and investments.

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