3 NFL QBs who are likely to see a drop in their ratings for Madden 23 ft. Russell Wilson

Edmonton Oilers v Colorado Avalanche - Game Two
Edmonton Oilers v Colorado Avalanche - Game Two
Hans Themistode

Seemingly every player on an NFL roster is transformed into a kid again. The beards on their grown faces turn into indelible smiles while their muscular demeanor shifts into a more playful one.

As the newest addition of Madden makes its way to our gaming consoles, even the best players in the NFL are anxious to hear their ratings. In most cases, those very players become incredulous as they are given lower than expected grades. But while most are often able to shrug off their bitter disappointment, others sulk for far longer.

Over the past few days, Madden creators have carefully leaked several ratings from this year's edition. The feedback, unsurprisingly, has been a mixed bag.

Known as the heart and soul of any given franchise, the quarterback position is viewed as salient. However, with several of the game's best signal-callers suffering a bit of a down season last year, which of those players will be in for a reduced rating this year with Madden officially set to release soon? Keep reading to find out.

#1 - Sam Darnold

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

Sam Darnold has done his best to peel away the "bust" label that has been placed on his forehead.

Following three tumultuous seasons in New York, Darnold openly embraced a trade to the Carolina Panthers. Desperate for a change of scenery and determined to prove that the Jets' inability to surround him with adequate talent led to his downfall, Darnold started the 2021 league year on fire, going 3-0. Since that unlikely start, Darnold won only one more game for the rest of the season.


In year two in Carolina, Darnold finds himself fully entrenched in a quarterback battle against the newly acquired Baker Mayfield.

While both players are currently attempting to wow their respective coaching staff, Mayfield seemingly has the edge. With Darnold likely heading to the bench, paired with his horrific season overall, throwing for just 2,527 yards, nine touchdowns, and 13 interceptions, expect his paltry rating of 71 in Madden 22 to plummet even further in Madden 23.

#2 - Lamar Jackson

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens

When juxtaposed to his quarterback counterparts, Lamar Jackson protruded to the top of nearly every prognosticator's list in 2019, especially in Madden. While Jackson still struggled with accuracy, completing 66.1 percent of his passes, his overall game was both mesmerizing and nearly impossible to comprehend.

Unsure of how to defend him, Jackson took advantage of tenuous defenses, picking them apart with his arm. Also, Jackson made his opposition pay with his legs, leaving his defenders in the dust. Over the past two seasons, however, Jackson's play has been bemusing.

In 2021, anxious to push the Baltimore Ravens toward title contention, Jackson aggregated just 2,882 passing yards, 16 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions.

As Jackson waits patiently for his quarterback rating and his hefty payday from the Baltimore Ravens, the dual-threat quarterback could be in store for less than stellar numbers on both fronts and should see his overall rating decrease in Madden.

#3 - Russell Wilson

Texas v Stanford
Texas v Stanford

At this stage, Russell Wilson's pristine reputation precedes him. On paper, nevertheless, the former Super Bowl-winning quarterback has seemingly lost a step.

Although Wilson showed off his recuperative powers, battling his way back onto the field from several injuries this past year, his overall numbers dipped.

For the season, Wilson wrapped up an underwhelming campaign with 3,113 yards passing yards, a career-low, 25 touchdowns, and six interceptions.


Despite his declining production, the Denver Broncos believed his latest showing was spurious. As mentioned previously, Wilson dealt with a bevy of injuries throughout the season. In doing so, Denver are steadfast in their belief that Wilson was a compromised player.

Under their watchful eye, Wilson is expected to push Denver to rare heights and firmly into the Super Bowl picture. While Denver's current roster holds some of the more talented players in the entire league on both sides of the ball, it's natural to be skeptical that Wilson will remain amongst the game's elite.

These words, while brazen, could be proven true with a lower-than-expected rating for Wilson in Madden 23.

Edited by Piyush Bisht


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