Ranking the NFL's 5 best head coaches

Mike Tomlin has been a huge success in Pittsburgh
Mike Tomlin has been a huge success in Pittsburgh

One of the toughest jobs in the world is being an NFL head coach.

The NFL is full a good young coaches. When a franchise is looking for a new start, the first step is often hiring a new head coach. It's tough to find a coach that can stick with one team for an extended period of time.

The head coach on this list have not only been with their teams for an extended period of time, but they have also been successful. These five coaches have been the centerpieces to their team's success. There are NFL head coaches that you can trust on and off the football field.

5. Andy Reid (Kansas City Chiefs)

Andy Reid has been a successful head coach. The Kansas City Chiefs' leader made a name for himself early and had a lot of success in his time with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Reid has turned around the Kansas City Chiefs franchise in a short period of time. He finally got his Super Bowl ring last season that he got close to in Philadelphia. Watching the joy on Reid's face after winning the Super Bowl was priceless. Andy Reid has coached 121 games in Kansas City, and in eight games Reid has brought the Chiefs to the top of the NFL.

Reid's coaching stats with the Kansas City Chiefs

  • Record: 85-36-0
  • 6 Playoff Appearances
  • 1 AFC Championship Game appearance
  • 1 AFC Championship
  • 1 Super Bowl title

Andy Reid has a good chance at adding to his totals in the AFC Championships and Super Bowl ring categories. Reid has a good football team in Kansas City and they're on the way to repeating as Super Bowl champs. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs' offense has looked unstoppable this season.

4. John Harbaugh (Baltimore Ravens)

John Harbaugh has been successful since taking over the Baltimore Ravens as head coach. The Ravens have made big strides even after the big change at the quarterback position. John Harbaugh has made Lamar Jackson a better football player since drafting him.

Harbaugh has been coaching in Baltimore for 13 years. In those 200 games he has brought a lot of success to the Ravens. He as continued the winning culture for the Ravens.

It used to be that when fans were asked about Harbaugh, instantly they would think of John's brother Jim Harbaugh -- former San Francisco 49ers coach who is now at the University of Michigan. John Harbaugh has since made a name for himself as an NFL coach.

Harbaugh coaching stats: Ravens

  • Head Coaching Record: 124-76-0
  • 8 Playoff Appearances
  • 3 AFC Championship Appearances
  • 1 AFC Championship
  • 1 Super Bowl Ring
  • 2019 AP Coach of the year

John Harbaugh has a great opportunity to make another playoff appearance and a deep run in this year's playoffs. Lamar Jackson is growing every game and Harbaugh has been making all the right moves to help him grow. The Baltimore Ravens are going to be contenders in the NFL for a long time with Harbaugh as their head coach.

3. Sean Payton (New Orleans Saints)

Sean Payton is an offensive mastermind and that has been a huge key to the New Orleans Saints' success. Since teaming up with QB Drew Brees the New Orleans Saints have been an offensive powerhouse in the NFC. Payton has made a big impact on the culture in New Orleans as well.

Payton has coached 14 years in New Orleans. In those 216 NFL games he has brought New Orleans a lot of wins. One thing that everyone can be sure about is that the Saints will always have an offense that has success.

Payton's coaching stats: New Orleans Saints

  • Head Coaching Record: 137-79-0
  • 8 Playoff Appearances
  • 3 NFC Championship Appearances
  • 1 NFC Championship
  • 1 Super Bowl Ring
  • 2006 AP Head Coach of the year

The New Orleans Saints are currently sitting on top of the NFC South and fighting off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Saints and Sean Payton are out to prove that they're not done winning just yet. With Drew Brees being near the end of his career, Sean Payton will do whatever he needs to do to make sure that the Saints offense still performs.

2. Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Mike Tomlin has engraved his name as the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach. Tomlin has been a great leader for the Steelers on and off the field. He is great with the media and a player-first coach. Tomlin does not take the credit for any success that the Steelers have had. He gives all the credit to the players.

Tomlin has coached for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 14 years. In those 216 NFL games he has been a great leader. Mike Tomlin has not had it easy in Pittsburgh. He has had his fair share of player issues throughout his time.

One thing that Tomlin does well is that he takes care of business and the Pittsburgh Steelers can always count on him to be professional.

Tomlin's coaching Stats: Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Head Coaching Record: 141-74-1
  • 8 Playoff Appearances
  • 2 AFC Championship Appearances
  • 2 Super Bowl Appearances
  • 1 Super Bowl Ring

Mike Tomlin has coached the Pittsburgh Steelers to a great 2020 season. They're currently the only undefeated team left in the NFL at 8-0. Tomlin has his team primed up and ready to make a run at this year's Super Bowl.

1. Bill Belichick (New England Patriots)

Bill Belichick has been the most successful coach that the NFL has seen in a long time. He has taken the New England Patriots to places they've never been before. Belichick was fired by the Cleveland Browns and the Browns are probably wishing they still had him.

Belichick has coached the Patriots for 21 years. In those 328 games, Belichick has been very successful. Belichick has set the bar high for the next New England Patriots head coach, whenever that happens.

Belichick's coaching Stats: New England Patriots

  • Head Coaching Record: 240-88-0
  • 17 Playoff Appearances
  • 12 AFC Championship Appearances
  • 9 AFC Championships
  • 9 Super Bowl Appearances
  • 6 Super Bowl Rings
  • 2003, 2007, 2010 AP Coach of the year

The stats on the New England Patriots head coach do not lie. He is the best head coach in the NFL.

Belichick had a lot of help from quarterback Tom Brady when it comes to the Super Bowl rings. The Patriots are looking like they may finish with the worst season in Belichick's career this year. We could be seeing an end of an era with Belichick as the Patriots head coach.

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