Exclusive: Q&A with O.A.R. guitarist Richard On about his favorite sports teams and more

O.A.R. at the Taste Of The NFL's 27th Annual Party With A Purpose
O.A.R. at the Taste Of The NFL's 27th Annual Party With A Purpose

O.A.R. -- short for "Of A Revolution" -- was formed in Maryland in 1996. The group's upcoming ninth studio album, The Mighty, will be released in the spring of 2019. But before that happens, the five-piece band is hitting the road for a tour, which kicks off on November 15th at Cincinnati, Ohio's Taft Theatre.

Other upcoming dates include December 2nd at Long Island, New York's The Paramount, December 7th at New Jersey's Wellmont Theater, and December 15th at Washington D.C.'s The Anthem.

The members of O.A.R. -- which includes lead vocalist and guitarist Marc Roberge, guitarist Richard On, multi-instrumentalist Jerry DePizzo, bassist Benj Gershman and drummer Chris Culos -- are known to be big sports fans. In turn, while interviewing Richard On, I threw in some questions about his history as a fan of the Washington Redskins, the Washington Capitols and D.C. area sports as a whole.

More on O.A.R. -- whose latest single "Miss You All The Time" has already gotten major radio airplay -- can be found online at www.liveoar.com.


Word has it that you are a big fan of the Washington Redskins. When did that first start?

Richard On: Growing up in the DMV (District/Maryland/Virginia) in the late 80s it was all Washington Redskins. They had won the Super Bowl VII in ’83, but I was too young to remember. They came back in ’87 to win Super Bowl XXII against the Broncos and that was the most exciting thing I’d ever seen on TV. After that Madden Football came out on Sega Genesis and if I couldn’t be the Skins I didn’t want to play you.

Do you have a favorite player on the Redskins?

Richard On: I had a few. Darrell Green, “The Ageless Wonder,” and of course “The Posse,” Gary Clark, Art Monk and Ricky Sanders.

How do you think this season is going for the Redskins?

Richard On: Better than expected, first in their division.

Are there any teams you feel as passionately about as you do the Redskins? How about the Capitals?

Richard On: I love the Caps. I have friends that play. So happy they kissed the [Stanley] Cup.

Were you yourself ever a football player? A competitive athlete in other sports?

Richard On: I never played football. I played soccer and basketball growing up.

The Mighty is your forthcoming album. How long did you spend making it?

Richard On: We are still creating it.

Do you have a favorite song on The Mighty?

Richard On: I do, tentatively called "Turn It Up.”

What do the next few months look like for O.A.R.?

Richard On: We have a Fall tour right around the corner. Post-tour we’ll be finishing the record and spending time with our families.

When not busy with music, how do you like to spend your free time?

Richard On: Playing sports with my kids, traveling and eating with the family and working out.

Is there something you wish more people knew about O.A.R.?

Richard On: We go through bags of frozen chocolates on tour, which is why we workout together every day.

Finally, Richard, any last words for the kids?

Richard On: Find something you love and get really good at it.


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