NFL Rumors: Matt Nagy won't be fired this season despite bad run of games

Matt Nagy and Andy Dalton on Thursday
Matt Nagy and Andy Dalton on Thursday

This season has not been kind to Matt Nagy and his Chicago Bears. This season, they have experienced poor performances, quarterback controversies and everything in between. Unfortunately, the year 2021 has not been great if you are a Bears fan.

Currently third in the NFC North, the Bears defeated the Detroit Lions with a last second field goal, 16-14, in the first of three games on Thanksgiving.

The build-up to the game was dominated by Nagy and his coaching future with the franchise. Several reports swirled around that the Thanksgiving game would be his last, a source close to the situation told

Given how the team and franchise have performed overall, the decision to relieve Nagy of his duties would not be a surprise.

Nagy will not be fired mid-season

Despite rumors that Nagy would not be the Chicago Bears head coach beyond Thanksgiving, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported Thursday morning on NFL Gameday that he does not see Nagy being removed mid-season.

Past history shows that the Bears have not fired head coaches in the middle of the season, and it appears that Nagy will not be the next NFL coach to lose his job, at least, not at this point in time.

The Bears did work hard to getting past the winless Lions today, but veteran Andy Dalton threw for 317 passing yards with a touchdown and an interception as he showed that he can still be a valuable contributor to the team.

Dalton was given the start because rookie Justin Fields is dealing with a rib injury, and Dalton's performance will give Nagy something to think about.

While it did take a last-second field goal to get the team's fourth win of the year, it was a win nonetheless, and at least today, the Chicago Bears and Nagy have something to be thankful for.

The win will likely not do much in the overall scheme of things for Nagy in Chicago, but it does give the team something positive to hang on to until they face the Arizona Cardinals on December 6.

Firing Nagy midway through the season would not solve the team's problems and would likely create another, especially with Fields for the second half of the year. By sticking with Nagy, the Bears give Fields a good chance to develop under one coach, not two, in one season.

Whether or not Nagy remains the Bears coach beyond this season is unknown, but at least, after Thursday's victory, the pressure on organization is relieved. Until they play next, that is.

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