NFL Trade Rumors: Insider names three possible landing spots for Calvin Ridley

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
Rit Nanda

An NFL insider has named three potential destinations for Calvin Ridley in the upcoming season. Calvin Ridley took the majority of last season off to cope with some personal issues related to mental health, and he should be back in the fold in the coming season. While the Atlanta Falcons would love to retain him, his departure would free up salary cap space and bring in draft picks.

ESPN’s Mike Sando on the Falcons Calvin Ridley and Grady Jarrett trade value.On Ridley: "After stepping away from football for 12 games to work on his mental health, Ridley’s future remains uncertain."#DirtyBirds

If he is indeed traded, three teams are expected to compete for his signature.

Teams that might be interested in Calvin Ridley

Chicago Bears v Atlanta Falcons
Chicago Bears v Atlanta Falcons

#1 - Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are definitely in the market for a wide receiver. They require one for a couple of reasons. First rookie quarterback Justin Fields has impressed in fits and starts and needs better weapons to convert his throws this coming season.Then, there is an added complication that Allen Robinson might be vacating his spot in the coming season with Chicago.

So it makes the most sense for the Chicago Bears to take him, and they are the presumptive frontrunners in this scenario.

#2 - New England Patriots

Calvin Ridley is being linked with a rookie quarterback, not only in Chicago, but in New England, as well. While they have made strides under Mac Jones, consistency is still key. To achieve a better offensive balance, they might be searching for a new wide receiver.

Bill’s trading for Calvin Ridley, isn’t he…

They would be especially keen to add firepower to the offense after they just could not keep up with the Buffalo Bills in this year's loss in the playoffs.

#3 - Buffalo Bills

That brings us to the third-most likely destination for Calvin Ridley, and that is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills do not problems like they have at the Bears and Patriots. But they know that, with Brian Daboll now gone to the New York Giants and with a new offensive coordinator to come in his place, things might not proceed as seamlessly as it has in the last couple of seasons.

In this case, it would always be better for Josh Allen to have an extra weapon down the field, and Ridley looks as good an option as any.

Ultimately, there is always the chance that Calvin Ridley will stay in Atlanta and help Matt Ryan recapture his MVP form. But he will be in high demand in the offseason, and the Falcons should expect a lot of interest.

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