NFL Trade Rumors: Will Washington request a trade for Jimmy Garoppolo before the deadline?

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles

QB Jimmy Garoppolo might have the San Francisco 49ers sitting at 2-0 to start the season, but the team has already stated that Jimmy G is not the future.

QB Trey Lance was drafted third overall in the draft, and won't sit behind Jimmy Garoppolo forever, especially not after scoring a TD on his only pass attempt in Week 1.

2 Teams Named Trade Destinations For Jimmy Garoppolo…

Speculation on where Jimmy Garoppolo will be traded has been one of the hottest topics since March.

A dozen different teams have been named, but the likely destinations have dwindled since the draft and free agency. The trade deadline for the NFL in 2021 is November 2nd, right after Week 8 ends. As we enter Week 3, there are still a few teams that could make a move for Jimmy Garoppolo. One of them is the Washington Football Team.

Washington decided to enter the season by signing QB Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starter for Week 1. Fitzpatrick got the start over Taylor Heinicke, who started in the WildCard round last season, and nearly knocked off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In true "FitzMagic" fashion, Fitzpatrick dazzled in training camp only to get injured in Week 1 after a poor first quarter. Taylor Heinicke then stepped up and threw for over 300 yards in a barnburner of a Thursday Night Football match in Week 2.

In 3 starts as an NFL quarterback (including postseason), Taylor Heinicke of Washington has completed 93 passes.That's the most completions by any QB over his first 3 career starts in NFL history

Is Taylor Heinicke the better option than Jimmy Garoppolo to lead Washington?

Taylor Heinicke went undrafted in 2015, and was once listed as QB3 for Washington.

Due to circumstances that went his way, Heinicke was able to see some playing time, and capitalized on it. Even though he's finding some success, is Heinicke the best QB to lead Washington, who have a chance to be a darkhorse playoff team? Is Jimmy Garoppolo the better option?

From a financial viewpoint, Heinicke is a semi-pro player compared to Jimmy Garoppolo: $2.375 million AAV for Heinicke, $27.5 million AAV for Garoppolo. But what would the price be if Washington did want to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo?

It will likely involve at least a first-round pick and Washington taking a large chunk of his remaining contract money. Washington submitting a trade to the 49ers would alter the future of the team, considering they'll be investing in a 30-year-old QB. Would it be worth it?

If the Washington Football Team had an older defense and a front office on the hot seat, then yes, it would make sense. However, that is not the case. Washington have a very young and talented defensive line.

In fact, it is one of the five youngest DLs in the league, and has four first-round picks. While there will be some pressing contract extensions in the near future, 2021 is not Super Bowl or Bust. The offense is fairly young as well, and has talent like Terry McLaurin and Anthony Gibson.

The speech, coach handing out game balls, Heinicke breaking it down... what a team 🥺🤝 @MDLottery

The issue with Jimmy Garoppolo at this point in time is his durability. He's been with the 49ers for five seasons, and has only played 33 games, which is less than seven games per season.

Outside of his injury history, he's not known for his deep-ball tendencies, and is more of a field general than a true playmaker. No offense, as it has worked for him: Jimmy Garoppolo took the 49ers to the Super Bowl as a field general and with a top-rated defense.

Washington have a similar defense, but the offense needs someone who can make some plays at QB. That is not Jimmy Garoppolo, and he is not worth his current contract or what the Washington Football Team has to give up for him.

Taylor Heinicke should get the benefit of the doubt and the chance to continue his momentum from 2020. He hasn't given any indication that he could fall apart this season yet. Importantly, he has the respect of his teammates. You can't teach that.

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