Tom Brady officially launches his much awaited athletic sportwear line 'Brady Brand'

Tom Brady (C) and his new line of apparel titled "Brady" brand
Tom Brady (C) and his new line of apparel titled "Brady" brand

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is famous for his career in the National Football League. But as time goes on, he has dabbled in many other business ventures as well.

The quarterback's "TB12" brand has become a way of living and lifestyle brand. The 44 year-old quarterback even follows a "TB12" diet every day that excludes sugar, gluten and all processed ingredients.

The three-time NFL MVP is now unveiling a menswear brand called "BRADY" that officially went live on Wednesday and is available for purchase.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback has enlisted some of college sport's biggest names to unveil and promote the brand.

What is the Tom Brady menswear line?

The Brady brand features men's athletic wear that is supposed to be great for all activities and athletic levels.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion has said that he has spent three years developing the best line for all men and using specific designs and fabrics that everyone would love.

"I have always been interested in fashion and apparel lines. Ever since I was in college, I wanted to take in the different parts of life and express it in a clothing line."

He has had an interest in activewear and clothing for many years and has spent the last few years really developing a brand that would reflect his style and beliefs and that he believes all athletes could wear and be comfortable in while training.

While initially announcing when his line would be debuting, he also announced that he was signing some of the biggest names in college athletics to promote the brand.

Due to last summer's rule reversal of "Name Image and Likeness," college athletes can now earn money and promote brands.

Michigan quarterback Cade McNamara, Jackson State University quarterback Shedeur Sanders and Maryland forward Julian Reese are just a few of the college athletes that have signed on with the brand.

Coinciding with the clothing brand's lifestyle, the menswear brand is made of sustainable materials and doesn't contain any microplastics.

The first line with the launch is being called RELEASE 1 (Train + Live) and is expected to be just the first campaign of many for the clothing brand.

The brand is a bit pricey, which is expected to be the brand of a high-profile athlete, with a pair of activewear pants going for about $195.

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