Tom Brady prepared his resume in 2000 thinking he wouldn't make it in the NFL

Tom Brady was preparing his resume before NFL career took off
Tom Brady was preparing his resume before NFL career took off

Tom Brady entered the 2000 NFL Draft as an unheralded prospect at the quarterback position. A poor performance at the NFL Combine further diminished his already lackluster chances of being drafted after struggling as a starting quarterback in college.

Because of this uncertainty, Brady actually took the time to prepare his resume. Such a precaution seems ridiculous now, an unfathomable necessity for a man who would go on to dominate the league, but it wasn't too unrealistic at the time.

Brady spent two years at Michigan battling Drew Henson for the starting quarterback job. He eventually earned the job, but not even the most optimistic fan could call it a convincing victory. During Brady's senior season, he would start the first quarter and Henson would take over in the second, then the superior performer would earn the second half duties for that game.

The wild arrangement lasted through the first seven games of the 1999 college football season before Brady was named their full-time quarterback. Brady's struggles to separate himself from his college competition raised doubts among scouts concerning his potential as an NFL quarterback.

Fittingly, it wasn't until the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL Draft's 6th round that the New England Patriots selected Tom Brady. Six other quarterbacks were selected before him. Brady fell so late in the draft that he had actually prepared a formal resume as a back-up plan.

“I really thought I was going to need this after (not being drafted in) the fifth round.” - Tom Brady on the resume he prepared in the Winter of 2000

In hindsight, it's obvious that Brady never ended up needing it, but the fact that the greatest quarterback of all time had his resume ready in fear of going undrafted adds an inspiring and comical chapter to the story of Tom Brady's legendary career.

Tom Brady quickly erased the need for a back-up plan

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Tom Brady quickly ascended to NFL stardom, allowing him to toss out the resume. After his selection, he served as the Patriots' fourth-string quarterback as a rookie. He earned the role of primary back-up to Drew Bledose in his second year and an early injury to Bledsoe gave Brady his opportunity to start.

The rest is history as he would never relinquish his role as a starting quarterback, leading the Patriots to an immediate Super Bowl victory that season. Brady would then go on to win seven Super Bowls, five Super Bowl MVP awards and three regular-season MVP awards in his illustrious career.

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