Top 3 teams with the worst record to make NFL playoffs

Tim Tebow led the 2011 Denver Broncos to the NFL Playoffs
Tim Tebow led the 2011 Denver Broncos to the NFL Playoffs

The 2020 NFL Season may see a team with a losing record get into the playoffs. The NFC East division is currently the only division in football where each team has a losing record. The New York Giants currently lead the NFC East division with a 5-7 record.

Lets take a look at:

3 teams that have made the NFL Playoffs with a losing record.

3) 2014 Carolina Panthers (7-8-1)

The 2014 Carolina Panthers made it to the 2014 NFL Playoffs by a miracle. The Carolina Panthers would go on a six game losing streak in the 2014 NFL Season. Somehow the Panthers pulled off a 7-8-1 record and won the NFC South division.

The Carolina Panthers were outscored by opponents 374-339. The Panthers would salvage their season by winning four straight games to end the 2014 NFL Season. Out of the four wins three were against divisional opponents which gave them the division crown.

Carolina would win their Wild Card game against the Arizona Cardinals 27-16 in the 2014 NFL Playoffs. The Panthers went into the NFL Divisional Round on the road against the Seattle Seahawks. The Panthers would lose 31-17 to the Seahawks who went on to the Super Bowl.

2) 2010 Seattle Seahawks (7-9)

The Seattle Seahawks ended the 2010 NFL Season with a 7-9 record and won the NFC West division. The Seahawks made the NFL Playoffs even though they went on a three game losing streak at the end of the 2010 NFL Season. The Seattle Seahawks went into the final week of the 2010 NFL Season with the NFC West division title on the line.

The Seahawks would beat the St. Louis Rams to make the 2010 NFL Playoffs. Ten years later the Rams and Seahawks are battling for the NFC West division towards the end of the NFL Season. The Seattle Seahawks ended the 2010 NFL Season with the 25th ranked defense.

Seattle would host the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Wild Card game during the 2010 NFL Playoffs and they went on to win 41-36. The Seattle Seahawks would head into the Divisional Round of the 2010 NFL Playoffs to play the Chicago Bears. The Chicago Bears would win the Divisional Round game against the Seattle Seahawks 35-24.

1) 2011 Denver Broncos (8-8)

The Denver Broncos would make the 2011 NFL Playoffs even by losing their last three games of the 2011 NFL Season. The Denver Broncos lost their Week 17 game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Denver, however, won the tiebreaker over the San Diego Chargers.

Both the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers would end the 2011 NFL Season with 8-8 records. The Broncos won the tiebreaker between the two teams. The Denver Broncos would win four overtime games during the 2011 NFL Season.

The Denver Broncos would head into the NFL Playoffs to host the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Broncos would make the longest play in NFL History in a NFL Playoff overtime game. Tim Tebow would find Demaryius Thomas for an 80 yard touchdown pass to beat the Steelers in overtime. The Broncos, however, went on to lose their Divisional Round Playoff game to the New England Patriots 45-10.

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