Top 5 games for Tom Brady with the Patriots

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady
New England Patriots QB Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the greatest player in NFL history. His run as the quarterback for the New England Patriots was truly legendary. He won six Super Bowls and nine AFC Championships along with three regular-season MVP awards. He has countless great games in his career but here are his top five performances with the New England Patriots.

5 best games for Tom Brady with the Patriots

#5 Super Bowl XLIX vs. Seattle Seahawks

The "Legion of Boom" defense for the Seattle Seahawks was one of the best in NFL history. They helped the Seahawks accumulate a ten-point lead in the fourth quarter before Tom Brady put together a comeback. He found a way to overcome the deficit by throwing two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter against the legendary defense. He completed 14 of 16 passes in the fourth quarter alone.

#4 Week 7, 2007 vs. Miami Dolphins

Tom Brady's best statistical game came in a divisional matchup against the Dolphins. It was also on the road in Miami where Brady had traditionally struggled. On his way to a perfect 158.3 passer rating, Tom Brady completed 84 percent of his passes for 354 yards and an incredible six touchdowns. He only has three career games with a perfect passer rating.

#3 2014 AFC Playoffs vs. Baltimore Ravens

This is another game where Tom Brady overcame a late deficit against an excellent defense. The Patriots trailed by two touchdowns, twice, but that wasn't enough to defeat Brady. He accounted for four of the five touchdowns by the Patriots, including three passing and one rushing.

#2 Super Bowl XXXVI vs St. Louis Rams

Tom Brady's story may have started when Drew Bledsoe was injured, but the legend began when he won his first Super Bowl. The Rams' "Greatest Show on Turf" offense was one of the best in NFL history. Kurt Warner was the NFL MVP and the Rams were heavy favorites to win the Super Bowl that season. Tom Brady led the Patriots to one of the biggest upsets in championship history.

#1 Super Bowl LI vs. Atlanta Falcons

The most legendary performance of Tom Brady's career came in the Patriots' Super Bowl victory over the Falcons. They famously trailed by 25 points late in the third quarter before Tom Brady put the team on his back to complete the greatest comeback in NFL history. He had to be flawless in the fourth quarter and overtime, and he was exactly that.

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