Top 5 high schools that have contributed the most NFL players

Fork Union Military Academy, Virginia
Fork Union Military Academy, Virginia

Every successful person in life learned their fundamentals in school. Thus, it is not surprising that high schools have had tremendous impact on the lives of many NFL players. Because the NFL only selects the best footballers, there is great diversity among the ranks in terms of high schools attended. But some high schools do better than the rest and we list them here. Other places have extensively covered the players who came through these schools, but we delve into the character of these high schools that have risen above their peers in producing the most NFL players, both past and present.

High schools with the most NFL representation

#1 - Fork Union Military Academy, Virginia

Leading the way, with 70 (or more) NFL players, is the Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA). The secret of FUMA's success is twofold: one it is a military academy which teaches discipline and secondly it is a postgraduate institution that allows students to remain longer in their institution. Their sports teams are primarily used as hobbies for cadets in between their training.

#2 - Long Beach Poly, California

Given the title, "Sports School of the Century" in 2005, Long Beach Polytechnic places tremendous focus on all kinds of sports and extra-curricular activities. Their teams compete across multiple sports. As a pure high school, they have sent the most number of players (60) to the NFL.

#3 - St. Thomas Aquinas, Florida

Currently, there is only one champion when it comes to high schools producing NFL players. Since 1992 they have won 12 state championships in three decades. They currently have 15 players who played for them in the NFL; which is much higher than many top colleges even. Over the years, 37 players have made it to the NFL from here.

#4 - Miami Northwestern, Florida

While the other schools above arose from military or religious backgrounds, Miami Northwestern is fully public and 90% of its students are black. Yet, they compete equally with other, more prosperous private high schools and have also sent 37 players to the NFL.

#5 - Susan Miller Dorsey High School, California

This is another high school that has given a chance to the marginalized population within the country to find expression through sports; mainly football and basketball. The student body here is nearly 55% black and 45% latinx. They have sent 35 players to the NFL.

Edited by Arnav Kholkar