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Top five defensive schemers in the NFL right now

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08 Nov 2019, 20:22 IST


With this group of men, it is all about making offenses work. These defensive coordinators and coordinating head coaches can game-plan for their specific opponents on a weekly basis to take away what they do best, force them to adjust what they do and then find out how to counter the way offenses want to attack them mid-game.

Whether that may be finding the right personnel packages, aligning the front, confusing the quarterback with coverages and just teaching defensive assignments to keep opponents from moving the ball and scoring points against them. Here are my top five guys at doing so:

#1 Bill Belichick

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens

Even after more than three decades as a defensive coordinator and head coach in the NFL that dark lord up in New England is the very best defensive coach in the game. As everybody always says, he takes away what you do best as an offense and he is masterful with his halftime adjustments but is also how he teaches different techniques and the way his players have everything in their repertoire to execute specific gameplans.

It starts with what he demands from each position group – he wants defensive linemen that can hold their ground in the run game and either two-gap inside or keep their contain on the edge, he is looking for big linebackers to fill gaps in the run game and take advantage of those smaller third-down backs in protection and he asks his defensive backs to be able to play pretty much every coverage while looking for physical boundary corners who can play press-man.

Because of that he can use multiple fronts depending on their matchups, play a lot of six DB packages, make blitzes dependent on the number of guys in protection and just completely change their approach during games. Everything is detailed and run with perfection pretty much as good as it gets. I know they just got 37 points hung on them by Baltimore, but that is kind of the only weakness I see with this defense – they are not as big upfront as they have been in recent years.

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