"Almost died" - Patriots O-linesman Trent Brown reveals how pre-game IV almost cost him his life

New England Patriots offensive tackle Trent Brown
New England Patriots offensive tackle Trent Brown

Trent Brown has been one of the most solid and consistent tackles in the NFL since 2015. When he's healthy, he's dependable, strong, and skilled.

But Brown has battled numerous injuries in his career, none more notable than the one that gave him a near-death experience in 2020.

Last season, Brown received a pre-game IV that accidentally had air in it. As a result, he went into cardiac arrest and spent three days in the hospital.

The 2019 Pro-Bowler took eight months to get back to full strength. He spoke more in-depth about his experience with the media Tuesday.

Patriots OT Trent Brown said last year he almost died when an IV mishap caused air to enter his bloodstream prior to the Raiders' game against the Browns. He said it took him almost eight months to feel right again and he considered retiring.

Trent Brown reveals how pre-game IV almost cost him his life

Coincidentally, Trent Brown returned to the lineup against the Cleveland Browns in Week 10. Last season with the Las Vegas Raiders, Brown had the IV incident occur before a game against the Browns.

Brown gave his thoughts on his return coming full circle, this time as a member of the New England Patriots.

"To kind of come back and play against the Browns, I thought was pretty cool, because I almost died before we played them last year. When I was laid out on the floor, I definitely thought about my kids. I even thought about retiring, honestly. It was that scary. I was about to be done with it. Then after it kind of settled down a bit, I was fine."

Brown made a miraculous recovery and one that had him questioning his future. At just 28 years old, Brown decided to fight and continue playing.

Unfortunately, he suffered a calf injury in Week 1 with the Patriots and had to continue persevering.

The offensive tackle wanted to return against his former teammate Tom Brady in Week 4 but had a setback that kept him out until last Sunday. Brown said,

"To actually fully recover, it probably took about eight months to feel normal again. And to actually start making steps, as far as improvement, to feel like myself again on the field after eight months. I wanted to get back sooner, but had a setback during the Tampa week."

There was a happy ending when Brown returned to the Patriots against the Browns and looked highly impressive. Brown transitioned from left tackle to right tackle, which has paid dividends for Mac Jones.

He appears grateful and ecstatic to be back on the gridiron with his teammates.

Whether you're a fan of the Patriots or not, it's hard not to feel happy for Trent Brown. Something as standard as a pre-game IV cost him nearly everything.

But he's continuing to live his dream and is off to a dominant start in his return.

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