2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profiles: Texas Christian Safety Trevon Moehrig

TCU's Trevon Moehrig Is A Dogged Pursuer Of The Football, and Would Make a Great Addition To Any NFL Team.
Modified 23 Apr 2021

The conversation at the safety position in the 2021 NFL Draft likely starts with TCU’s Trevon Moehrig, who will probably be the first player off the board at his position. Moehrig figures to start getting serious attention from teams towards the end of the first round and at the beginning of the second round. Let’s take a closer look at arguably the most talented safety in this draft.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profiles: Trevon Moehrig’s NFL Draft Profile

--Height: 6’2”

--Weight: 202 pounds

--Position: Safety

--School: Texas Christian

2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profiles: Trevon Moehrig’s Strengths

TCU 's Trevon Moehrig

Moehrig possesses most of the physical skills teams would want in a modern day NFL safety. He has great closing speed and impressive instincts with the ball in the air. He also receives high marks when it comes to reading the quarterback’s eyes, and tempting the passer to throw in an area that may not stay open for very long. He also delivers solid blows to receivers coming over the middle, which makes it difficult for them to come down with the football.

Not only is Moehrig a valuable asset in coverage down the field, he can also play closer to the formation against slot wide receivers or tight ends. His skill set is going to be very valuable when teams use their tight ends outside the line of the scrimmage, which has become a staple of modern day NFL offenses. Even if he doesn’t start the play as a deep safety, he’s great at making sure he’s not beat deep to give up a game-changing big play.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profiles: Trevon Moehrig’s Weaknesses

TCU's Trevon Moehrig

While Moehrig has generally been solid at keeping the play in front of him, there’s one area where he hasn’t been exemplary in during his college career. When a receiver can hit him with a double move, sometimes Moehrig bites on that first fake, with the idea of jumping the route and making a big play. At the next level, he’ll have to improve at reading the body language of the receiver to confirm that the first move is the only one on the route.

It’s not a glaring weakness for the TCU prospect, but Moehrig could also get better at wrapping up players and getting them to the ground. He’s formidable when it comes to charging with a head of steam and levying a big hit, but is less effective when it comes to corralling a player in the open field consistently.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profiles: Trevon Moehrig’s Career At Texas Christian

TCU's Trevon Moehrig

Moehrig truly had a stellar career playing for the Horned Frogs, from 2018 through 2020. His best year came in 2019, when he set a career high in tackles with 62, in interceptions with 4, and in passes defended with 11. As if that wasn’t enough, he also forced 2 fumbles to add to the chaos he caused against opposing Big 12 offenses.

Not only was his ability on full display at TCU, Moehrig was also reliable enough to suit up week in and week out. He played in at least 10 games in each of his college campaigns, and even contributed a little on special teams when he was a freshman. He also took home one of the sport’s most prestigious honors, winning the Jim Thorpe award for the nation’s best defensive back in 2020.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profiles: Trevon Moehrig’s Career Defensive Stats

--Combined Tackles: 124

--Passes Defended: 21

--Interceptions: 7

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Published 20 Apr 2021
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