WATCH: Aaron Rodgers gets mad after being picked off by a kid

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Aaron Rodgers has built a reputation for guarding the football at every moment on every part of the field. However, a video has surfaced of the All-Star quarterback throwing a rare interception. It would have been a surprise in the NFL, but the quarterback threw the pick to a kid.

Here's the video:

Aaron Rodgers was mad fr 🤣(via @NFL)

In the video, Rodgers aimed for the field's right side ahead of the front pylon. He threw the ball with no pressure and without pads and a helmet. It appeared he was trying to lead a receiver who was cutting right across the middle of the endzone, but he missed a defender standing in his path.

The quarterback fired, and a flat-footed kid intercepted the ball. Thrilled that he had blocked one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, the kid ran towards the quarterback. He handed the ball back to the quarterback, who was beyond frustrated at what had happened.

The quarterback took the ball and threw it at the kid in a knee-jerk reaction. It seemed that mid-throw, the quarterback realized he was aiming at a kid and allowed the ball to hit the ground near him safely. The kid who handed the ball off was oblivious as the ball landed well behind him as he ran away.

In honor of Peyton Manning's 46th birthday, never forget his legendary SNL skit 😂

The video was reminiscent of a joke video made by Peyton Manning on Saturday Night Live. In the vintage clip, Manning gets mad at a kid for underperforming and thus throws the ball off his head as he runs away, knocking him down. Of course, that was a joke. This was real life, and Aaron Rodgers appeared to be visibly upset.

How rare are interceptions for Aaron Rodgers?

In 2021, the two-time reigning MVP quarterback threw for 37 touchdowns and four interceptions. If this clip were placed into the regular season, one-fourth of his interceptions would have come on that play. The quarterback has only had two seasons in which he's thrown for double-digit interceptions in his career.


Additionally, the quarterback has thrown six interceptions or fewer eight times in his career. For that reason, Packers fans sympathize with the quarterback who rarely turns the ball over. They'll also point out that the quarterback never hurt anyone with the throw. Detractors, meanwhile, will use this as a moment to dump criticism on the quarterback.

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