WATCH: Josh Allen wows NFL fans by chugging a can of beer while attending celebrity golf tournament

Josh Allen sure knows how to chugg a can of beer!
Josh Allen sure knows how to chugg a can of beer!

Josh Allen has impressed Buffalo Bills fans with his football ability since being drafted in 2018. He's impressed the wider NFL audience in the last year or two as he's exploded onto the scene and become one of the league's premier quarterbacks.

He's also impressed fans with his golf ability, shown off best when he and fellow quarterback Patrick Mahomes narrowly lost to opponents Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.


Now, Allen is impressing fans again. At a celebrity golf match, the former first-round draft pick chugged a beer in epic fashion. Fans were left stunned. Here is the video of this impressive performance:

Not a chance Mac Jones can do this! Go Bills! #BillsMafia

The quarterback shotgunned the beer and downed it in a matter of seconds in an impressive display of drinking ability. The account that shared the video is a Bills fan account named Circle the Wagons 2022.

Given the intense and ever-growing rivalry between the Bills and the New England Patriots, the account couldn't help but throw shade at their rival's quarterback by saying:

"Not a chance Mac Jones can do this."
@AirAllen17 McCorkle. Be outta the league in five years along w Hoodie.

The Bills and their shotgunning quarterback will first face off with Jones and the Patriots in Week 13 on Thursday Night Football.

Josh Allen's MVP chances in 2022-23

Right now, according to the Miami Herald, Josh Allen has the best chance of winning MVP this year. It appears that the Vegas oddsmakers are expecting the former Wyoming product to continue the success he had in last season's iconic postseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Josh Allen
Josh Allen

The MVP odds are currently as follows:

  • Josh Allen +700
  • Patrick Mahomes +800
  • Tom Brady +900
  • Aaron Rodgers +1000
  • Justin Herbert +1000
  • Joe Burrow +1300
  • Russell Wilson +1600
  • Matthew Stafford +1600
  • Dak Prescott +1600
  • Lamar Jackson +2000
  • Kyler Murray +2200
  • Deshaun Watson +2500
  • Jalen Hurts +3000

Allen will have to play extremely well to defeat other players like Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Justin Herbert.


However, there are a few things working in the Bills quarterback's favor. Brady has defied logic by excelling at the age of 44. He'll be 45 this season.

Eventually, Father Time catches up to everyone. For most players, that's far before the age Brady is, but at some point, it has to happen. Maybe that'll be this year.

The same can be said for Rodgers, who's 39. He's reaching an age where the arm strength starts to wane for most quarterbacks.

Mahomes and Herbert are going to be tough as both are in their primes and Herbert was a Rookie of the Year and Mahomes has already won an MVP.

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