Watch: Randy Moss' incredible Thanksgiving performance vs Dallas Cowboys

Randy Moss
Randy Moss' incredible Thanksgiving performance vs Dallas Cowboys
Randy Moss vs Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day 1998
Randy Moss vs Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day 1998

Thanksgiving Day on NFL day is never complete without remembering Randy Moss' performance against the Dallas Cowboys on that day. It remains, arguably, the single greatest individual performance in the NFL on Thanksgiving Day. As we tuck into second helpings of turkey and get over the Bears versus Lions snoozefest, nothing is better than revisiting Randy Moss' exploits to spread some cheer.

Throwback: Randy Moss destroys Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving

Randy Moss wanted to go to the Dallas Cowboys in the 1998 NFL draft. But he had baggage; from spending time in jail to suspensions for marijuana, it was enough to freak Jerry Jones out. Instead, the Dallas Cowboys drafted Greg Ellis in the first round as the 8th overall pick, and Randy Moss went to the Minnesota Vikings with the 21st pick of the draft. It was a snub that Randy Moss never forgot, and his performance on Thanksgiving Day in 1998 was cause for instant regret by the Dallas Cowboys.

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He had three catches, and each of them resulted in a touchdown. The first one saw him become open downfield, and as the ball fell perfectly to him, the Dallas Cowboys secondary was seen running helplessly to correct the situation.

The second was also a feat of him getting open on a long pass. The speed at which he executed his route was something to behold.

The third was completely made by him as he received a short pass, hugged the perimeter and then switched on the burners to leave everyone trailing in his wake.

His stare at the camera while sitting on the sidelines has also become iconic as it showed him saying "Happy Thanksgiving" to his mom. While he did so, the screen flashed his unreal stats for the game: 3 catches for 163 yards, with a 54.3 yards per reception average and a hundred percent conversion of all receptions to touchdowns. The numbers are unreal and rightfully find a place in NFL folklore.

Randy Moss would go on to have a great career that would lead him to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018. He would torment the Dallas Cowboys on a regular basis. But it was his performance on Thanksgiving Day in 1998 that gave NFL fans a first glimpse of what was to come. That day was the opening act of the thriller that was Randy Moss' NFL career.

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