Watch: Von Miller and Melvin Gordon share a heartwarming moment ahead of Bills vs Broncos preseason game

Melvin Gordon and Von Miller reunited temporarily during training
Melvin Gordon and Von Miller reunited temporarily during training

Former Denver teammates Melvin Gordon and Von Miller had a heartwarming moment on Saturday ahead of the preseason game between the Denver Broncos and the Buffalo Bills, Miller's new team.

Ahead of a game where the Bills would crush the Broncos 28-6 in the first half, Gordon approached his former teammate at his new home, Bills Stadium. The two former teammates embraced each other:

The best way to greet your former teammate. 😂 (via @Broncos)@VonMiller | @Melvingordon25

The two were split up this past November when Miller was traded to the eventual champions, the Los Angeles Rams, midseason. Gordon was not happy to see that, tweeting out "Bro, wtf."

Bro wtf…

The Broncos were 4-4 and in the mix for a wildcard berth when the front office decided to trade away the heart and soul of the defense, Von Miller. But those wins were against the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Giants, New York Jets, and Washington Football Team. Denver embraced a rebuild after the trade, finishing 3-6 in their final nine games.

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Von Miller had a funny reaction to Bills training camp at St. John Fisher University

Von Miller became a wealthy man this past offseason when he signed a six-year, $120 million contract with Buffalo. Ipso facto, it's funny hearing him speak about dorm life, which he is experiencing at Bills training camp at St. John Fisher University.


Miller described dorm life, which he hasn't experienced in over a decade since his Texas A&M days, and acted surprised at the lack of amenities.

"I'm 33 years old and toilet paper's different, the beds are different. There's no TV in the dorm room. It's a little bit different. You've got to make up your bed and change it and do all of that stuff every day. It takes some getting used to but I'm all for it.
"I just said like, 'Hey, the toilet paper's different', and like, boom, like boxes on boxes on boxes of toilet paper and wipes and stuff. Everybody's just trying to make my stay here a whole lot easier, man. I just want to say publicly, man, I appreciate all of you guys and I'm grateful."

While Miller is re-learning what life is like for the other half, he is also facing perhaps the most important season of his career in Buffalo.

Josh Allen is poised to dominate in his fifth season and the defense is looking to make the leap to elite. Hence, the passionate Bills Mafia could be staring at their biggest chance for a Super Bowl victory.

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