What happens to Aaron Rodgers for skipping the Packers' mandatory minicamp?

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
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The Green Bay Packers opened their mandatory minicamp on Tuesday but there was one big name (the biggest?) name missing: Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers' absence, though, didn't come as a big surprise to the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers reportedly plans on sitting out the Packers' mandatory minicamp until his demands are fulfilled.

Now that Aaron Rodgers is a no-show for the Packers' mandatory minicamp, what happens now?

What happens to Aaron Rodgers if he decides to miss all of the mandatory minicamps and beyond? Let's take a look at all the answers to the questions surrounding Aaron Rodgers' absence on Tuesday.

What happens to Aaron Rodgers now?

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Training Camp
Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Training Camp

Aaron Rodgers has already missed out on his $500,000 workout bonus after his absence at the Packers OTAs. Now that Rodgers has missed the first mandatory minicamp, he could lose more money. However, the Green Bay Packers could excuse their veteran quarterback's absence, which could help and hurt them.

If the Packers excuse Rodgers' absence, it could repair the relationship between Rodgers and Green Bay. The Packers could also get burned by Rodgers if they excuse his absence. If Green Bay dismisses Rodgers from mandatory minicamp and decides to sit tight, the Packers will have essentially done it for nothing.

As it stands, Aaron Rodgers could potentially be fined $93,085 for missing mandatory minicamp. The fine amount is broken down into the duration of the minicamp. Here's a look at a break-up of the Aaron Rodgers minicamp fines.

-- Day 1: $15,515

-- Day 2: $31,030

-- Day 3: $46,540

-- Total Fine Amount: $93,085

What happens if Aaron Rodgers misses the Packers' mandatory training camp and beyond?

Green Bay Packers QB
Green Bay Packers QB's Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love

The Green Bay Packers lose all control when it comes to the fines during training camp. If Rodgers decides to sit out training camp, he will be fined $50,000 for every day that he misses, and the Packers will be hard-pressed to excuse the $50k in fines for training camp.

Green Bay will kick off its training camp on July 27, 2021. Their first preseason game is on August 14; that's 13 business days that Aaron Rodgers will be fined $50,000 for missing training camp. Rodgers' total penalty for sitting out training camp would be $650,000.

The Green Bay Packers are not budging on trading Rodgers, and if that somehow leads to him sitting out the 2021-2022 NFL season, he would lose nearly $35 million. The $35 million that Rodgers will lose from sitting out a season consists of his $14.7 million salary, $11.5 million in unearned signing bonus, and a $6.8 million roster bonus that was set to be added to his weekly pay cheques.

There is always the the last-resort option of retirement for Aaron Rodgers. Retiring doesn't solve the financial issues that Aaron Rodgers would facing after sitting out. If he does decide to ride off into the sunset, he will only save $2 million in fines. This means Rodgers will still lose $33 million by not playing for the Packers in 2021.

Gauging by the numbers, Aaron Rodgers will have a challenging decision to make for the 2021-2022 season. It boils down to two questions. WIll he hold out and lose millions, or swallow his pride and play one more season in Green Bay?

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