What makes Rob Gronkowski Tom Brady's most dangerous weapon?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady.
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Rob Gronkowski has spent 11 seasons in the NFL between the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tom Brady has been his quarterback for all 11 of them. The two have combined to form one of the most dominant and most accomplished duos in NFL history. They have won four Super Bowls since teaming up, including three with the Patriots and one with the Buccaneers.

Rob Gronkowski has eclipsed 1,000 receiving yards in four different seasons with Tom Brady as his quarterback. He's also recorded ten or more touchdowns in five total seasons in his career.

Rob Gronkowski is widely considered one of the greatest tight ends to ever play the game and just about everyone agrees that Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time.

The two have developed an incredible chemistry together over the years, and that's what makes them so dangerous. They are always on the same page.

Brady and Gronk seam routes were unstoppable

Gronkowski is Brady's most reliable weapon because of the chemistry and familiarity they have built over a decade of working together.

Gronkowski always knows exactly where Brady wants him to be in the design of a play. The tight end instinctively knows what to do when improvising after any particular play breaks down from its original design.

The ultimate trust that Brady has for Gronkowski is why he almost always looks his way in the most crucial situations of a particular game. When Brady needs to make a play, he often prefers to go to Gronkowski. This includes on key third downs, in the two-minute drill and in the red zone.

*five hours ago* Gronk: “Hey Tom, did you see someone bought your “last” TD pass for $518K? Brady:

Are Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski the greatest duo in NFL history?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady after winning Super Bowl LV
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady after winning Super Bowl LV

Touchdowns are one of the biggest indicators of just how dominant Brady and Gronkowski have been as a duo.

They have connected for 90 touchdowns in their careers together, ranking as the second-most of all time, behind only Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison's 112 touchdowns.

Super Bowl rings are another one of the most important statistics. No other duo has combined for more of them in NFL history than the four that Brady and Gronkowski have won together.

They clearly have a strong case in being considered the greatest duo of all time.

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